10 Things You Can’t Recycle

Recycling is a suitable action for us to save the earth. However, if we do it wrongly, it may cause a problem instead of a solution. Sometimes we are unsure whether it’s right or otherwise while putting particular stuff inside the recycling bin. Specific waste or specific condition of the waste can make it not recyclable. Thus, you can’t put it inside the skip bin Mandurah. 

It’s not totally your fault. There is a limitless rule of what we can recycle or not, even the small symbols on the products are not really helping. It’s quite complicated and making it harder for you to achieve the household waste recycling goals. Here, we want to help you out.

Read on below for the list of things you should’ve never put in your home recycling bin or skip bin Mandurah.

Bubble Wrap

The plastic product such as plastic bottle is well known as a recyclable thing. However, not all plastic products are recyclable such as bubble wrap. Bubble wrap is a plastic product made of thin-film that possibly will tangle in the recycling machine. 


Cords made of recyclable parts. However, you can’t give it up to the recycling bin as a whole. We need to separate the cord parts for recycling, which is nearly impossible and will take a lot of time. The only option is to find a place that offers e-waste facility.

Grocery/Plastic Bags

The curb side recycling program usually won’t receive your groceries plastic bags. Thus, groceries or store recycling is the only option. That’s why you can find most of the groceries place a recycling bin at their store. The plastic bag is the number one marine debris source we need to avoid. Bring your shopping bag whenever you go to the grocery.


Mirror has a coating on the glass that makes it reflective and nearly impossible to recycle as well. Separate mirrors and regular glass while recycling. Mixing it will make the regular glass unusable. If your mirror is still usable, try to donate it. The broken mirrors are actually good material for crafting. However, if you aren’t into it, make sure to wrap it with newspaper before throwing the pieces away.


Guess you already know about this one, styrofoam made of polystyrene, a well-known non-biodegradable and non-recyclable material. There is no other way better than avoiding it and replace the use with other eco-friendly materials. Try to dispose of it responsibly by searching for the facilities nearby that will accept styrofoam.


Never put your single-use batteries in the curb side bin. It is obviously prohibited. Instead, you can send it to specific facilities that offer batteries recycling or mail-back programs. You can send the rechargeable and car batteries as well.

Medical Needles

Medical sharps and other waste, such as needles, belong to hazardous waste; never put it into your recycling bin. Send the medical waste to the hazardous waste facility or collected in the mail-back program.

Pizza Cardboard

Pizza cardboard or any cardboard is actually recyclable. However, if the cardboard has food left inside them, you can’t recycle it. You only can recycle a pizza box that is free of cheese and grease. 

Wire Hanger

Wire hanger made of mixed material that makes it hard to recycle. It is commonly not 100% pure metal or plastic, makes it difficult to sort in the recycling facilities. The easiest way to get rid of it is by donating your usable wire hanger to the local thrift store.

Paper Towels

Paper towels shouldn’t be recycled due to several reasons. Firstly, paper towels are usually recycled product. It makes the paper fibres too short to go under another recycling process again. Secondly, we used the paper towels to wipe out the dirt, dust, dripping juice or dropped food. If the paper towel has residue on them, it can contaminate the other recyclables.

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