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5 Cleaning Checklist for Christmas

Yes, the festive season is just around the corner, in a couple of weeks we are going to celebrate the colourful and cheerful Christmas with our family and relatives. However, have you checked the current condition of your house? What about that piling green waste in the backyard and hard rubbish in the garage? Well, it looks like you will need to spend some times to clean and tidy it all but don’t worry because we have prepared a cleaning checklist to ease your work by a lot.

Here is the cleaning checklist for Christmas you should do

1. Preparation – Check the house and surrounding conditions

You don’t want to do the cleaning in a rush without knowing which part of the house that needs to be treated first right? Therefore, do a quick walkthrough around the house and take note of what needs to be done in each area of the house. The list will make your cleaning task a lot easier because you can do it in a sequence for a more efficient workflow. Additionally, if you have someone to help you with the cleaning, the Christmas cleaning list can act as the chore organizer where you can spread the tasks evenly with everyone, again, to make your cleaning task efficient. 

2. Declutter all of the junks and unused items

While you are doing the round-up check of your house condition, you began to notice the amount of broken and unused items that have been piling up over the years are quite an eyesore. Therefore, decluttering all of them is mandatory before you begin the deep cleaning process. To speed up the decluttering why not opting in for a safe and fast way with a reliable service of junk removal Melbourne? These guys are the expert on junk removal of any kind, just make a call on your local service provider and let them handle the rest while you prepare with other cleaning chores.

3. Clean or Replace the Carpet

Obviously, carpet is one of the house appliances that rarely get the proper treatment and Christmas cleaning session is the perfect time to do that because you don’t want the guest looking and standing at the dirty and soiled carpet of your house right?! Depending on the condition of the carpet, a simple cleaning like sweeping and vacuuming the carpet will do but for some cases, a deep cleaning session is needed. Therefore, invest in hiring professional carpet cleaners can make your work easier and get the best result.

4. Swipe and mop all of the surfaces thoroughly

The highlight of Christmas cleaning is swiping and moping all of the surfaces including countertops, floors, furniture, chairs, tables and many more. Remove the build-up dust and stains by using a damp cloth which you can use a general all-purpose cleaner or make your own by combining vinegar and baking soda to form a paste and use it as a cleaner. Take extra care on the kitchen part because of the many years it has been used for cooking which sometimes leave a large number of germs and bacteria, especially the stovetop, oven and fridge. Additionally, don’t forget to have an extra finishing touch of polishing the chairs, tables, furnishings, and shelves. 

5. Clean and sanitize the bathroom

When a gathering happens with so many guests invited, the bathroom will be one of the parts of the house that frequently used. Therefore, ensure that you scrub the floor, wipe down the toilet, and shower. Additionally, you can use a sanitization product that can eradicate the bacteria and germs in your bathroom for safety reason. Don’t forget to restock the clean towels and toilet papers for your guests to use.


The festive season is a joyful moment for everyone, therefore, treating them with a proper welcome to your house including a clean house and its surrounding will create a friendly atmosphere on your gathering party. Thank you for reading and feel free to share this article.