Waste Management

Follow these 6 tips to maximise your skip bin use

Hiring a skip bin to manage daily waste is not something new for the residents of Perth Metro and Suburbs whether for the residential or commercial use. However, not many people know there are tricks to get the most benefit of the hired skip bin so that you will be left with satisfaction when everything is properly managed. Therefore, here are some tips to maximise your skip bin use.

1. Waste classification

Waste comes in different type and size, therefore, all you need to do before putting everything inside a skip bin, sort out all of the waste based on its size, so that you will be able to maximise all the valuable space inside the skip bin, especially if you are moving house. If you are also opting in the regular garbage removal service, you can throw grass cuttings and twigs into your green bin so that it can give more space inside the skip bin.

2. Selecting the correct skip bin size

Just like waste comes in different type and size, a skip bin also has a range of sizes and types. From the smallest skip bin with the size of 2m3; which usually called a mini skip bin hire; to the largest with the size of 10m3; which used in the industrial area; you can rent them with the minimum of 7 days rent. However, depending on the project, you may not need the size of 10m3 for daily household waste, therefore, it’s important to do the waste classification prior to hiring a skip bin so that you will get a bigger picture the right size for your project. Our best recommendation, if it’s for the use in a residential complex a 3m3 – 4m3 more than enough.

3. Securing the skip bin placement area

Even the smallest skip bin with 2m3 in size will possibly require a secure placement at your place, therefore, it’s mandatory to understand the layout of your place before hiring a skip bin because you don’t want the skip placement will hinder you or everyone daily activities such as placing it in front of the garage. For some cases, you may need a permit to put a skip bin at your place even it’s still in your premises.

4. Never overfill the skip

Some skip bin provider has no limitation on the maximum weight of waste that can be put inside their skip bins but all of them has a strict rule on disallowing the skips to be overfilled. This could hinder their works when collecting the bins which could also cause an accident to the surrounding, normally if this happens, the skip bins provider will charge you extra.

5. No asbestos and food waste inside the skip bins

Asbestos and food waste are among the type of waste that not allowed inside a skip bin. There are some other types of waste but these two are commonly found in the residential area which often forgotten/ignored by the renter. If this happens, the skip bins provider will charge you extra.

6. Hire from a reliable skip bin company

Plenty provider of skip bins Perth in the area but which one is reliable? Simply, you can look at the review section on each website or ask your community for a suggestion. Also, you can check directly by calling them because on this day, great customer service is everything to a business, therefore, you can give your review based on how well they communicate with you.


Following the tips mentioned above, you not only save a lot of time but also money from the unneeded extra charge or extra bin. Therefore, you can organize and manage the daily waste as easily as possible without too much to worry about. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.