The chainsaw is a device that is defined as a portable, mechanical saw. It can be powered by a two-stroke engine, electricity, compressed air or either hydraulic power. Chainsaws are used for several different things commercial and domestic. They are used most commonly used by tree surgeons, gardening professionals and occasionally carpenters or wood workers.

The chainsaw is made up of four main components. These components are the engine, the clutch or sprocket, the guide bar and the most important part which is the cutting chain. The cutting chain on most occasions very closely resembles a bicycle chain. The guide bar’s main purpose is to guide and maintain the cutting chain. The clutch or sprocket is the drive mechanism.

When deciding to purchase a chainsaw there are a few factors that should be considered One of the first things to consider is what the chainsaw will be used for. Being sure of the purpose of the chainsaw can greatly assist with deciding on what features are important in the purchase. Consider the factor of what features are essential for the work that has to be done. The final factor to consider is the budget you have set for the purchase.

If jobs you plan to perform with the chainsaw are extremely heavy duty, the gas powered chainsaw may be strongly suggested. The gas powered chainsaw is considered the more powerful choice of chainsaw as well as the fastest. This type of chainsaw is ideal for individuals who works in any industry that involves the massive cutting of trees, wood or any thick, heavy material like metals. This chainsaw has no cord attached because it runs strictly from fuel alone.

The electrical powered chainsaw is considerably slower than the gas powered saw, but is also considered significantly easier to handle. This type of chainsaw is more so for domestic use and small jobs around the house or the community. A very important factor to consider with the electrical chainsaw is that there is a cord to be connected while the saw is in use, which you would have to stay aware of at all times for complete safety.

There are specialty chainsaws available that are geared toward specific task. The specialty chainsaws include the pole chainsaw and chainsaws for concrete or stone. The pole chainsaw is a chainsaw that is attached to a pole for extension. It is used to reach high branches and to trim tall trees and completely removes the need for a ladder. The chainsaws that are used for to cut stone, brick or cement have chains that are embedded with diamond grit. These type of chainsaws are commonly used by both construction workers and firemen.

The price of chainsaw differs according to where it is purchased, what special features it may have and how it is powered. Chainsaws offered via the internet are considered significantly less expensive than those available in local department stores or hardware stores. As far as the features of the chainsaw affecting the price, the more a chainsaw has to offer, the more expensive a chainsaw will be. Electrically powered chainsaws are stated as the cheapest chainsaw that are available.