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Do you know someone who’s been under a great deal of stress recently? Is a close friend experiencing anxiety? Life can often throw challenges our way which can affect even the strongest person’s health and well being. If someone you know could use a little pampering and relaxation, why not treat them to a relaxing gift basket? A relaxing gift basket is a beautiful basket of goodies that contains all the things a stressed person needs to regain a little peace and sanity. It’s a thoughtful gift that’s sure to be appreciated by anyone touched by life’s little challenges. Plus, making this basket couldn’t be easier.

To make a relaxing gift basket, start with an appropriate container. A gift basket container can be anything from a straw basket to a pretty vase or ceramic pot. Other possible containers could include colorful hat box or a pretty wooden box. The only requirement is that it be large enough to hold the goodies you’ll be placing inside. Once you have your container, line it with some pretty tissue paper. In keeping with the relaxation theme, use soft, peace colors such as pale blues, soft greens, or lavenders.

Your container is now ready to fill with gifts. Here are some ideas for items to place in your gift basket:

A relaxation CD

There are a variety of music CD’s available that play relaxing new age music. A CD by saxophone artist Kenny G or the gorgeous piano music of Jim Brickman would be good choices for a gift basket to promote relaxation. You can also buy tapes that aid relaxation by giving auditory suggestions such as “Close your eyes and breathe deeply”. Both can be beneficial in promoting a more peaceful state of mind.

Aromatherapy products

Aromatherapy can be an effective way to calm jangled nerves. The scent of lavender has long been thought to promote a more relaxed state of mind. Try filling your relaxing gift basket with lavender bath soaps, body lotions, and even a bottle of lavender essential oil and a lavender candle. Your friend will have all of the items she needs to take a soothing lavender bath by candlelight.

A small plant or flower

There’s something very peaceful and relaxing about looking at nature’s handiwork. Place a small plant in your relaxing gift basket to symbolize new life and new beginnings. It’s a gift that will last long after the basket is gone.

An uplifting book

Visit your local bookstore and pick out a small book of uplifting, spiritual messages. This can be read while your stressed out friend relaxes in her lavender bath.

Herbal teas and chocolate

Who can feel stressed when they bite into a delicious nugget of chocolate? A tiny box of Godiva slipped into the basket is guaranteed to be appreciated. Throw in some herbal teas such as chamomile and lavender to be enjoyed before bedtime to help promote sleep and relaxation.

Don’t forget that you use these items to help relieve your own stress and promote a sense of well being and we could all use a little pampering every now and then.