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All You Need to Know About a Plasterboard Ceiling

Why is plasterboard so popular? Ever since it came onto the scene plasterboard has been a favoured material for interior walls and ceilings. It offered a fast and cheap alternative to the other popular materials of the time. However, the fact that it has maintained its position as the most common material in ceilings for over 50 years is a testament to the quality of the product.  

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What exactly is Plasterboard?

Known by many names like Drywall and even Gyprock (which is actually a brand name), plasterboard is undoubtedly the most popular material for ceilings and walls. It is made by sandwiching a gypsum core between two sheets heavy-duty paper. Once the health hazards associated with asbestos became well known, plasterboard became a great replacement material largely because of its cost effectiveness, ease of installation and aesthetically pleasing finish.

When to use plasterboard?

Interior walls and ceilings are the primary use of plasterboard though many new and innovative types can frequently be used for external sheathing as well. It is a much quicker alternative to traditional materials like lath and plaster. Gyprock plasterboard is typically used by designers, builders and other contractors in order to meet the building regulations for a variety of factors. These include fire protection regulations, acoustic regulations, and thermal efficiency regulations. In areas of high humidity, it can also help control condensation and prevent water damage. Plasterboard is used in buildings of all kinds including residential properties and commercial or government areas like shops, hospitals, and schools.

Advantages of Plasterboard

Plasterboard ceilings have many advantages. Here are some reasons plasterboard is considered one of the best materials on the market:

Versatility – Due to its flexibility and plasticity, plasterboard is considered to be one of the most versatile materials. No matter what shape or design you are after, plasterboard can be easily moulded into it.

Easy installation – This is great for builders but also for homeowners who are into DIY. The lightweight and safe design of plasterboard dramatically reduces risks of injury throughout the installation process

Affordable – Everybody loves affordable materials that are also high quality. Plasterboard is both these things and (due to short installation times), the cost of ceiling repairs in Perth are much lower as well.

Environmentally friendly – Plasterboard is frequently made from up to 45% recycled materials and up to 100% recyclable materials. Add to that the fact that it is completely free from hazardous chemicals and you can see why it’s a very sustainable solution.

Fire resistant – A helpful quality in a country like Australia. Plasterboard is made of crystals that contain trace amounts of water. In the event of a fire, these crystals can slow down the spread and help keep the temperature down

Easy repairs – No complicated tools are required. Old plasterboard is easily removed and replaced allowing for simple transferral during renovations.

Plasterboard Ceiling Installation & Repair Perth

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