Everyone who has a yard knows that a lawn must be mowed to keep it from becoming a knee-high jungle. It’s a weekly chore most homeowners perform while grumbling under their breath about all the things they would rather be doing with their weekend. Despite this, most people like the look of a lush, green lawn that has obviously been well cared for. Utilizing proper mowing techniques can certainly improve the look and feel of any lawn and homeowners do not necessarily have to spend endless hours to make their lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Taking just a few extra minutes to mow each time can make a huge difference in the lawn’s appearance. To make certain that the mower stays in straight as an arrow lines, focus on a distant object straight ahead. Do not look down at the mower or your feet. Lines can be better defined by going back over each one or back over every other one. When turning the mower, be sure to do it off the grass, utilizing a sidewalk or driveway. Turning a lawn mower on the grass can actually damage the lawn. Every third or fourth week, you should change the mowing pattern. This gives the grass a necessary rest and although it may take you a little more time to mow a different pattern, the grass will be healthier as a result.

When buying a lawn mower, choosing one that comes with a mulching attachment can also improve the health of your grass. A mulching lawn mower allows the grass to fertilize itself by slicing up grass blades into tiny pieces that then fall down to the surface of the soil. This means no more raking and bagging and is actually quite a healthy option for your lawn. This type of lawn mower may cost a bit more initially, but will save you time and money in the long run. Grass should almost always be mowed when it is dry. This is particularly true when using a mulching lawn mower. Dry grass can be chopped into smaller pieces and is more easily distributed to the soil, so the dry grass gets the full benefit of being fertilized. Whether a mulching lawn mower is used or not, the blades should always be razor sharp to ensure a clean cut. Tearing the grass by using dull blades is never a good idea and can harm the appearance of your lawn.

Believe it or not, grass actually experiences stress. There truly are better methods and times of day when it is best to mow a lawn. Avoid mowing in the afternoon. The greatest heat of the day occurs during these hours and mowing at this time causes your lawn undue stress. Mowing in the early morning or after a heavy rain may also harm the appearance and health of your lawn. Choose to mow in the evening, when the sun’s rays are less intense and the lawn is likely completely dry.

Also pay attention to how much of the height of the grass is being cut. A good rule of thumb is to cut no more than one-third of the height at any time. This helps protect the grass and keep out fungi and pests. Cutting your lawn too short may mean that you don’t have to mow as often, but you will likely find yourself beset by other problems which will require more time, money, and energy to solve. Stick to mowing once a week in the summer and try not to take too much off the top.

Taller grass blades help your lawn absorb water and nutrients. They also look greener, fuller, and more lush. It may require a bit of care and maintenance on the part of the homeowner, but an attractive lawn is easily within reach by following just a few simple tips. Mowing can make a surprising difference in the appearance of any lawn. By keeping lines straight and avoiding mowing practices that stress the grass blades, homeowners can have a lawn that their neighbors envy. Before long, you’ll be known as the lawn care guru – and all because you know how to mow like a professional.