Can I Get Money From My Old Cars?

We usually have no idea what to do with our old cars, especially when we do not need it again, no matter how the condition is. Generally, there are various choices we can opt to remove our old car as well as getting money from it. Indeed, getting cash for cars Perth sounds tempting. However, we should analyze which action will give us the highest value of our old car. We also need to consider how the old car is processed once we decide to remove it. Choose one that won’t harm the environment and sustainable. If we dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way, it will benefit us more than just a value of the money we get.

How to Get Money From Old Cars

  1. Trade It In For Another One

Getting cash for cars is not the only way you can get the benefit of your unused or old vehicle in Perth. One of the excellent choices you can choose to dispose of the old car is by trading it in for another one. When different companies need particular models and characteristics, they usually offer the alternative by exchanging the old car for a new one. It will benefit you a lot since it will be a part of the payment for the new car.

That is why it’s essential to research the value of your old car because it will only pay a part of the new vehicle. Sometimes, this option may give certain disadvantages to the car’s owner, but otherwise, it can be a solution.

  • Barter

Barter usually the least option chosen by the sellers. However, this one is still one of the solutions in removing the old cars. To perform this solution, you should exchange your vehicle with another one on equal terms. When you choose to do barter, you need to be aware of certain disadvantages you may get.

Since we usually expect something better than what we get, we can get an exchanged car with a lower value than ours. That’s why you should know the value of the car before doing barter. So you can get at least a new car with the same value as your old one.

  • Give it For Donation

Donation maybe won’t give you material feedback. However, giving the old car that you are not using anymore is a noble way to help others. Besides, it will benefit you by deducting the taxes. But you need to make sure the car you donate is in optimal conditions. 

  • Dismantle it

Many countries have a large market for selling and buying used auto parts that are in good condition. It is a fair deal if you want to get cash for cars you are no longer using in Perth. Here, people can get any car’s parts with a lower cost than a brand new one. It is very beneficial for people who need auto parts of the branded car. They can replace the older part that no longer functions properly with a used part.

If you decide to take this option, what you need to do is dismantle your car. Select the well-functioned parts and sell them to the companies that are willing to pay for them. Every single part of your car has its cost, even the tin is valuable. Keep in mind, the younger the vehicle is, the more money you probably will get from the sold parts. The more recognized the brand of your car, the easier and faster you can sell the parts.

  • Sell ​​it

Selling the old car is the most ideal option people want to remove their unused car. You can get a good deal for your old car with poor condition. All you need to do is contacting the scrap and car recycler company. It is the easiest way you can do to get the most value of your car without much paperwork involved.


Every option sure has its advantages and disadvantages. Inspect the condition and value of your car then you can choose which one is suitable. If you decided to sell your car, call a reliable car recycler company. They will check the make, model, age and condition of your car. Once you deal with the offer, they will take it from your place for free.