Deer eat several types of garden plants. Although they primarily come around in the evening or at night, you might see them anytime during the day if they’re used to people. Consider replacing the plants that deer destroy the most in your garden with those that are less appealing, such as ferns, plants that have a bitter taste, mint, ornamental grasses and sage. You can also put up barriers or fences around your garden, although some of these can be costly. Using a variety of commercial and homemade repellents can also be an effective way to keep deer away.


Rabbits can do a considerable amount of damage to your garden. They like to eat flowers, vegetables, tree bark and plants throughout the year. One of the most effective methods of protecting your garden from rabbits is surrounding it with a 2-foot high fence made out of chicken wire with 1-inch mesh. Other methods include setting up commercial tree guards, placing inflatable snakes near your garden and using repellents. You should also keep the area near your garden free of materials that rabbits like to make their homes in, such as weed patches and brush.

Small Rodents

Mice, voles and other small rodents are known for eating several types of vegetation. They also cause damage to fruit trees. They are active throughout the year and can be found in gardens during any part of the day. You can discourage small rodents from using the ground near your garden as their habitat by removing heavy mulch, weeds and dense vegetation. Methods for keeping them out of your garden include setting up traps or baits, using repellents and putting up wire fences. If you decide to use a fence, make sure that it is at least 1 foot high.


Moles cause problems by eating worms and creating tunnels that can damage your garden. They can be very difficult to get rid of so you might have to try a few different methods. One of the most reliable ways to deal with moles is by trapping them. There are several types of traps available. These work best when they’re placed in one of the deep tunnels that moles use instead of their temporary surface tunnels. Another way to keep moles out of your garden is to fill trenches that are 2 feet deep with stones and place a thin soil covering over them.

Raccoons and Skunks

Raccoons and skunks can be a threat to yourself and your pets, as well as your plants. Keeping them out of your garden is important since both of these species can carry rabies. They might also eat your corn and dig several holes when looking for food. Fences are one of the best ways to protect your garden from these animals. Use electrified strands of wire to keep raccoons from climbing over them. You can also try leaving a light on in or near your garden at night to discourage these nocturnal visitors. Having prickly plants, such as squash, around your corn might also keep them away.

Ground Squirrels

Grounds squirrels feed on vegetable seedlings and the nuts and fruits from trees. They also gnaw on shrubs, tree bark and garden equipment and can cause major damage when they burrow in the ground. Trapping or using anticoagulant baits are effective ways to get rid of ground squirrels. You can also keep them away from your garden by destroying any old burrows you find. You can prevent them from making new ones by removing any brush piles you find close to your garden.