Essential Tips For A Backyard Chicken Coop

Whether you’re considering it for health, financial or recreational reasons, there are many benefits to having a backyard chicken coop. Is a backyard chicken coop a reasonable possibility for you? There are a few factors to mull over through out putting this plan into action.

The first thing you want to delve into when considering a backyard chicken coop is local laws. In most cases, there is a ban on roosters (for obvious noise reasons) and a limit on the number of hens allowed. In addition, even if is is perfectly legal for you to have chickens in your area, it’s a good idea to gather your neighbors feelings around the idea as they will be affected by the chickens’ scents and sounds as well.

Deciding what style of coop is right for you is the next decision you’re going to need to make in this process, and there are a couple of options. A stationary coop is sensible if you are in a more rural setting as you would place it in the yard and not move it. If you live in the city, a portable coop or a chicken tractor is more practical as it allows you to move the coop onto fresh grass daily. The mobility of a portable coop also allows you the flexibility of moving it into a garage or other indoor facility for reasons including the weather being especially harsh or to protect your chickens from predators. You can build your own coop if you want to offset the expenses of a pre-built coop, but if you decide to do so, be sure to choose a building plan that is within your skill set. Also, consider the placement of your coop when deciding which one is right for you. Chickens need a certain amount of space (or they’ll start pecking at one another) and a certain amount of sunlight each day.

Next, you must educate yourself on the work and expense that goes into maintaining a backyard chicken coop. It is essential to make sure you have the time to invest in cleaning the coop along with feeding and watering your chickens. Look into the costs of food, litter, and even lighting for when the hours of daylight shorten. Sustaining your chickens’ health is also crucial, and you must check them periodically for lice and mites.

Finally, you must choose what breed of chicken is right for you. Think about the primary reason you are acquiring the backyard chicken coop. If it is for eggs, choose the breed that lays a lot of eggs. If it is for meat, select the breed that starts to grown heavy early in its life. If you are opting for chickens as pets, carefully consider the breed’s temperament when making your selection.

A backyard chicken coop can be a great addition to any family. Careful thought and planning will make for an easy transition into your daily routine. By choosing the right options for your coop’s location and purpose, you will guarantee many benefits for years to come.