An increasing number of homeowners, in their search for alternative energy sources, are discovering the benefits of wind power electricity.

One of the biggest benefits and most attractive features of wind power electricity is the fact that it is the cheapest source of alternative energy of all available forms. The average cost for a wind turbine to generate electricity averages about a nickle per Kilowatt Hour (kWh), the least expensive of any alternative energy option. Once the investment has been made in a wind turbine system to generate the electricity using the wind, maintainance of the system is extremely low cost and the source of the energy, the wind, is always free.

Another attractive benefit of wind power electricity is that it is an extremely clean source of energy compared to such fossil fuels as oil and coal. This environmentally friendly source of energy does not need fossil fuels to produce its electric output and helps to cut down on the amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide polluting gases that traditional energy sources spew into the atmosphere.

The space needed to generate electricity using wind power is very small and space efficient because the turbines are tall rather than wide, making this form of alternative energy production very easy to acommodate on a tiny piece of land. Wind power electricity is also a very practical solution for energy needs in remote areas that may not be connected to municipal electrical power grids. Once a wind turbine is in place, wind power energy is easily produced with no adverse effects to the surrounding environment.

Technological advances in wind power electricity make it possible today for even small homes to be able to use wind turbines for generating electrical power for pennies a day. It is not necessary to have a large farm property or even several wind turbines in place in order to install wind power as the choice for generating the household’s electrical power needs.

There are several drawbacks that balance out the practicality of using wind power and only the homeowner can know if any of these disadvantages is enough of a deal-breaker to reconsider choosing wind power electricity. Since wind conditions vary from day to day, the wind is not consistently providing the turbines with energy and the velocity of wind can even vary from hour to hour on any given day.

Some individuals dislike that the wind turbine cannot be hidden and becomes part of the landscape. Noise is another issue when using wind power electricity because when the turbines are operating there is noise generated similiar to a car running at 60 to 70 mph.

Some communities are considering the benefits of wind power electricity and are constructing whole farms dedicated to generating electrical power for as many as 500 adjacent homes. Homes in the community draw on the farm-produced source of electricity rather than having to install a turbine unit on their individual property.

Individuals who select wind power electricity are certainly cutting edge pioneers in using the cleanest of energy resources. Although only approximately one percent of all energy worldwide is currently generated using wind turbine technology, the economy, cleanliness and ease of operation of wind power electricity is making it an increasingly attractive choice for homeowners.