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Facts You Might Not Know About Gyprock Plasterboard

For thousands of years humanity has been using some form of Gyprock Plasterboard to build our homes and businesses. This Gyprock plasterboard has a range of benefits including being affordable, strong while Gyprock repair is also simple to carry out by professionals.

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While plaster and Gyprock plasterboard may be common materials in our Perth homes and buildings, there are many characteristics about plasterboard ceiling and walls that many people are not aware of, including:

Gyprock Plasterboard Has Been Used In Australia For Over a Century

While plaster has been used for thousands of years, modern Gyprock plasterboard was invented in the United Kingdom in the mid-nineteenth century. Plasterboard was then introduced to Australia late in the nineteenth century.

It took a long time for builders to accept that Gyprock plasterboard was a viable material, though. Back then they believed that gypsum and paper could not be structurally strong enough. This perception did not change until the 1960s when it became widely popular.

Gyprock Plasterboard Is Fire Resistant

While a plasterboard ceiling and wall will not prevent fire completely, it will halt it long enough – and in those situations seconds can save lives. The gypsum in the middle of your gyprock plasterboard contains crystalline water which will temporarily halt fire, sometimes stopping it in the case of small fires. This adds an extra layer of protection to your home that other materials may not provide.

Gyprock Plasterboard Has Many Names

Some people can get confused over the many different materials available for their walls and ceilings. In truth, many of the materials you are considering could all be Gyprock plasterboard, just labelled differently. Any material called gypsum board, drywall, gyprock, wallboard, sheetrock, Gibraltar board (or Gib board) is plasterboard under a different name.

Plasterboard is completely recyclable

We live in a world where sustainability is a key priority. Fortunately, Gyprock plasterboard can be 100 per cent recycled which makes is a perfectly sustainable choice for the walls and ceilings in your home or business.

When this material reaches its end of life because it is broken or the structure is being changed or demolished, it can be recycled into new plasterboard or alternatively turned into a soil conditioner that is commonly used in agricultural operations and to rehabilitate old mine sites.

In many cases you can purchase plasterboard that is made from recycled materials to limit your carbon footprint caused by the manufacturing of new materials.

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