Figuring out how to choose the right home theater system for you can be a bit of a challenge. Taking a stroll through any electronic section or visiting a major retailer can make your eyes and ears pop and dance from being over stimulated. Getting carried away can be something of an issue with everyone. The one key factor is selecting the right home theater system is personal preference. Choosing a unit with a large amount of bells and whistles may put you at the top of the technological pyramid, but sometimes the old axiom “less is more” is extremely relevant.

The best starting place to select any home theater component is to evaluate the area where the system is going to be staged. Often taking measurements and locating power outlets and other inbound cables can be a deciding factor. Wires will need to be run for rear and side speakers, unless a wireless speaker system is utilized. Many times drawing up a rough diagram can help get things moving in the right direction. Use rough measurements of the area, and be sure to include any furniture that will occupying the room as well. Remember sitting five feet from a subwoofer and fifty two inch television, is as frustrating as sitting twenty five feet from a twenty four inch TV with a weak sound system. Getting the layout just right is important to have a positive home theater experience.

Keeping a eye on the future is another factor of selecting the right home theater system for you. Components do not last forever, and newer and better versions are released every year. Expandability is a great idea to keep in mind when picking out any unit. Different game consoles or audio visual devices may need to be connected down the road. So keeping an eye on the amount of inputs and outputs included on new purchases is a must. Of course, this is also important when choosing a stand for the system as well. The stand should have a few open slots or spaces, or a new one will need to be purchased over and over.

Many different methods exist for figuring out how to choose the right home theater system for you. These methods include everything from online calculators for viewing distance and volume to having a professional evaluation completed for the room in question. While it is a good idea to take these opinions and calculations into mind, they should not be the sole factors in determining which unit to purchase. Acoustics vary greatly from one room to another, and viewing distance is largely a personal preference issue. The unit being selected is likely going to be used everyday, so purchasing one that everyone in the house can operate and appeals to everyone is often a large factor. Of course, the major deciding factor in choosing the right home theater for you is cost.

Home theater systems can be expensive. Often hidden costs tend to derail even the most well prepared individual. Cables and connectors can add up quickly, as well as power strips and surge protectors. Even extended warranties are a source of expense that is generally not planned. Therefore, in order to find the right home theater system take a look at the budget and rough diagram. Find the components that provide the best possible fit for your particular situation. Buying things on a whim or just because they are on sale can lead to more problems down the road. If any doubt exists on cost, look for price guarantees. The majority of electronics retailers will offer a refund of the difference in price if the unit is found at a lower price somewhere else within a certain time frame. This may seem like an extra step, but protecting yourself from spending too much is a great feature from creditable and trusted retailers. A little time and patience, along with proper planning, will get the right home theater into your house at the price you are willing to pay.