Borrowing Ideas.


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My neighbor and I went thrift shopping and antique looking last week. I came across the most beautiful baby afghan. Because I had never seen the pattern before, I took several pictures with my phone and I am excited to get it started. I love new ideas, don't you?


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I do love finding new ideas. I usually find them when I go to craft bazaars and stuff. Sometimes, if I see something I really want to try, I will buy one to see how it's made.


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That's why I go to craft fairs, mostly. I mean, I'll buy stuff, too, but usually more to deconstruct it so I can figure out how to make my own.


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My phone has so many photos of magazine recipes, store displays, and landscaping ideas that I will never have enough time or money to do them all! Sometimes I think I am a home and garden idea hoarder!