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Do we have any minimalists here? I was talking to someone online and she showed me pictures of her house. She's got minimalism down! It looked pretty nice actually, and I'm sure she can clean much more quickly than I can.


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I always tell myself that when I have my own place, it will have a minimalist design. To me, minimalist design or architecture is simple, clean, yet elegant. And yes, I agree that a minimalist space is easier and faster to clean than one with lots of home accessories. :)


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I always said I'd be minimalist as I never wanted to be like my mother and have a zillion dust collectors around, but it didn't end up working that way. Not that I have a ton, but I definitely have more stuff around than I had planned.


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We thought that way before kids came along too. If we could keep things that simple it would be great but right now we have far too many hobbies and pets.


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It's amazing the "stuff" you can accumulate over the years. We are in the process of downsizing and selling off most of our possessions. I think everyone could do with a lot less. Don't you?


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I am a minimalist, but unfortunately my husband is not. I have very few things in the house that I put there. My husband is a knick knack and paper collector. I hate dusting, so I don't like having any of that stuff around.


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My mom used to decorate our home with a lot of ceramic vases and figurines, and I didn't actually like it. Dusting them was a lot of work! :D I told myself that if I got my own place, I would go with a minimalist design.


The older I get the more I realize the less I need. If you look through all my house 95% of what is "mine" is in my office with the exception of the garage. The other 5% is in clothes in the bedroom, and a few gargoyles stashed around the house.

I also realize the less house I actually need/want. If I was single I could be living in a 500 square foot home easily.

But for what I lack the wife surely makes up.