Wine Bottle Trees


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I know you've seen those iron trees with wine bottles on them in someone's front yard, now haven't you? The first time I saw one was at an art show with a price tag of over $1,200.00. I think I could make my own much cheaper and have a great time drinking all the wine. Don't you?


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Is that what those are selling for? Holy cow! Yes, I am sure they can be made for a lot less than that and you'd get the pleasure of drinking the wine first. :D

I have been saving wine bottles for some time now. I particularly like the blue and green glass over the plain clear glass, which I usually just recycle.

You've got my mind really thinking and planning now! Thanks!


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Just goes to show, if you add the word "art" to something it increases its value. Try to sell something like that on Craig's List for that price tag and it will never get sold.

They do look really nice though.