Everyone loves cookies, but what do we really know about them?

Cookies may have been created by ancient bakers who wanted to test their cake batter and oven temperature.  They would place a small amount of batter on a sheet and bake that first.

Cookies can incorporate everything from just flour and water to everything from fruits, meat and vegetables!

Cookies are related to the hardtack and dry biscuits soldiers used to carry into battle.

Biscotti are really just “twice baked” cookies.

Cookies can be sweet or savory and more like a biscuit than what most Americans are used to.

Chocolate chip cookies are the most popular kind of cookie in the United States.

The popularity of cookies may be due to the sudden availability of flour in the mid-19th century.

Almost every culture around the globe has some kind of cookie-like treat.

The majority of cookie recipes include sugar, fruit or both.

Cookies are best either fresh out of the over (warm) or the day after they are baked.  Waiting a day lets the flavors mingle and deepen.

If you seal up freshly baked cookies, they will retain too much moisture and fall apart.

Parchment baking paper makes the best cookies.

Flouring a greased cookie sheet will yield thicker cookies.

Cookies may have been around before the Roman Empire!