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What happens if the garage door tracks broken?

Somehow you noticed the movement of your garage door is not smooth or even stuck at some points, one of the causes could be due to its tracks malfunctioned or simply broken which hinder the smooth movement of the door panels. If left untreated properly could cause major issues to the doors and its components as well as to everything inside the garage. Therefore, you need a quick response to fix this issue but first, let us enlighten the cause of broken garage door tracks and what you should do about it.

What causing the garage door tracks broken?

Many factors could lead to broken garage door tracks but some of the main cause is from ignoring garage door regular maintenance. When regular maintenance is done properly, the symptoms of garage door tracks broken can be discovered early and prevented by replacing some parts or repairment. 

The next source of cause is due to the tracks’ age. Just like any other pieces of heavy machinery, garage door and its component also have a range of time usage which if it’s properly maintained will be about 10-15 years of usage. Therefore, if you noticed there are corrosions at some spots at the door tracks, it needs immediate servicing to prevent the broken tracks.

What could happen if the tracks are suddenly broken?

The common impact from broken garage door tracks is the door panels will be off track, stuck in the mid-point where it won’t close or sometimes the door panels fall. At this point, you may want to consider calling the expert in emergency garage door repairs to fix it ASAP because it could hinder your daily activities. 

What to do if the tracks are broken?

If somehow you noticed the tracks have slightly misaligned or symptoms like corrosions and dents at some spots on the tracks occurring reach out your local garage door repairs Perth immediately to prevent any of the accidents mentioned above could happen. Then opt-in for their garage door regular servicing to keep the door always in top form without worrying any sudden broken on each component.

What to do to prevent broken garage door tracks ever happening?

Opting in regular garage door servicing will do the trick but you can always do the checking by yourself. Simply take a bit more awareness of the daily operation of the garage door. Take note any changes or symptoms that currently occurring, later you can discuss it with the expert for detailed info and prevention steps.


Prevention is always the best way to avoid any major issues with your garage door but there’s always an expert in garage door repair at your local area to help you fix any kind of garage door issues because a garage door is not something you can DIY. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.