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Tips on Preparing the Garage for Summer

Nowadays, due to the Covid-19 situation, people doing most of their activities at home. For some, working at home will be quite difficult to focus due to certain reasons such as “kids”. However, if you happen to have a garage at home, you can make use of its large space for the kids’ playground or even your temporarily work station. As summer is approaching preparing a comfort house for the entire family and especially the garage for your work station will be a mandatory task.

If you have an attached type of garage it will give a significant impact to the temperature level of the entire house. Prior to the summer, numbers of precautions need to be prepared to stabilize the temperature so that you’ll have a comfortable room temperature. That is why a garage inspection needed to check which part of the garage needs reparation, insulation or even a replacement.

If you have never done a regular checking or maintenance, most likely some parts or areas in the garage are damaged especially the garage door. Call on the help of professional to inspect your garage and fix any broken parts of the garage, so that you will have a comfortable garage for your temporary workplace. However, there are some easier things that you can do for the summer preparation. Here are some tips for you on preparing the garage for summer. 

Garage Preparation Tips for Summer

1. Organize the Stuff Inside

First, let’s clean-up all the mess in the garage. If you are planning to make this place as a living area, the kids’ playground or your workplace, you need to organize the garage, tidy up and pack the unneeded stuff. As we usually store equipment in the garage, organizing it is mandatory. Put away the equipment that may be dangerous and place it in a stack. 

Next, do the whole clean-up in the garage. Sweep the floor to clean the visible dirt and clean the walls from the cobwebs. Then, get a vacuum cleaner to remove the invisible dust and debris. Mop the floor and wipe the garage door with the disinfectant solution before proceeding to the next step.

2. Insulate the Garage

Before insulating the garage, inspect the door first. If it was poorly maintained and damaged, opt for the residential garage door Perth replacement from a reputable garage door company.

If the garage is not in a good condition for controlling the heat, this may bring some issues during the summer because of the hot air from outside will eventually slip inside. 

Installing insulation will keep your garage temperature-controlled and stays relatively cool during the summer. You can install the insulation on the garage door, walls and ceiling, for the walls and ceiling, apply wallboard after finishing the insulation. Opt for vinyl, steel or fibreglass type of door along with superior insulation for better performance.

3. Replace the Garage Door Weather-Strips

Check the garage door weather-strips whether it is still okay or need a replacement. As the garage door frequently used over the times, the weather-strips may corrode and wear down. It will create a gap and let the hot air outside slip into the room and make the garage temperature rising. It will be very uncomfortable to do activities in an extremely hot area, especially in an indoor space. 

Installing a new weather-strip yourself is easy, usually, you only need to replace the rubber component. However, if it’s badly damaged, remove the existing weather-stripping and clean all remaining sealant, then apply a new weather-stripping.


That’s all our tips on the garage preparation for summer. Spare a time to check all parts of the garage one by one to prevent the unwanted issue occur during the hot summer when you suppose to have a break time. Get help from the professional if you think the damage is major. Contact the professional garage door repair in your local area to make sure your garage is ready for the summer.