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Garage Wall Storage – For When There is No Space on the Floor

That brand new 3 bedroom house that seemed perfect just a few months ago, has suddenly become crowded with all of your stuff. After unpacking all of the boxes, you found the closets full and turned to the garage for added storage space. Well, now the garage is getting pretty full too. Most troubling is the fact that you now can no longer fit your car in the garage. What is the solution? It is time to build a nice garage wall storage system.

You have 3 very usable walls in your garage and have decided to build some type of storage system on each wall. On the long left wall, all of the garden tools and things you use outdoors will be hung. On the back wall you will install some cabinets and shelves. On the right wall, you’ve decided on a work table and a pegboard system to hold all of your tools.

The first thing to do is to take a trip down to your local home improvement store and pick up the supplies you’ll need to build the storage system. You’re going to need some lumber for building the shelves, pegboard, wire storage racks and some preassembled cabinets that you will hang on the back wall. Don’t forget all the hardware and a 6 foot ladder will also come in handy. Fortunately, you already have a drill, circular saw and a good assortment of hand tools.

Well, it is time to get started. Your wife has agreed to be your assistant. Just remember, not to yell at her when she hands you the wrong kind of screwdriver or complains that the board is getting too heavy to hold.

The Left Wall

This is the wall designated for the garden tools and other outdoor items that are kept in the garage. You have purchased some metal racks designed specifically for hanging rakes, shovels and other large garden tools, plus a bike rack and 6 foot long, 4 foot wide piece of pegboard. The job here is to mount all of these items on the wall securely, so they won’t come tumbling down when you actual store your items. Line up the tool rack on the wall, mark the spaces where the screws will go and then, using your electric screw gun (drill), screw it to the wall. If you can’t screw directly into the studs, use some anchors to keep the rack securely attached to the drywall. Simply drill holes on the spots you marked on the wall, slightly smaller than the size of the anchors, tap the anchors into the wall and while your wife helps hold the rack in place, screw the unit to the wall. Okay, that is done. On the remaining part of the wall, you will mount your pegboard which will be used to hold small garden implements. First attach some one by two vertical strips of wood measuring the length of your pegboard. Screw them into the studs (usually every 16 inches apart). Next lift up the pegboard with your wife’s assistance and screw it to the one by two wood planks. Set your hooks in to the pegboard and your done.

The Back Wall

Mounting cabinets can be a little tricky. The most important thing to remember is that they must be secured in to the studs if at all possible. If this is not possible, you will need some horizontal boards which you will attach to the studs and then hang your cabinets on them. Just make sure everything is level and fits together tightly.

Attach brackets to the studs and screw the wood planks to them where you want the shelves. Be sure to use a level so they will be straight.

The Right Wall

Place your work table near an electric outlet and hang the second pegboard above the table just as you hung the first one. Place your hooks and you have finished installing your wall system.

Now, start putting your “stuff” in its proper place.