Anyone can be a part of the green movement toward a more stable earth. The decision to make a positive change is as simple as doing chores around the house with homemade, non toxic products. This is a huge step in the right direction. For example, coconut oil makes a fantastic, long lasting polish for fine wood furniture. Lemon juice, baking soda, or salt combined create a foamy mixture that cleans the stove, oven, sink and refrigerator extremely well, and leaves behind a nice citrus scent. For the bathroom, cleaning with salt mixed with either lemon juice or dish soap allows one to scrub dirty tile and other surfaces thoroughly, as well as removing stubborn stains from the toilet and sink. A few of the other items that enjoy a good scrubbing with salt are old, rusty cast iron skillets, ovens, barbecue grills, coffee pots, brass or copper bottomed pans, silverware, and even the shower door.

Another reason for cleaning with salt, is to protect family members and pets from toxic fumes and harsh chemicals. Even though table salt is a non toxic item, one should on put on a pair of rubber or latex kitchen cleaning gloves. Salt is an abrasive and will sting if a cut is on the hands. Salt is also a drying agent, so to keep hands protected, keep them covered. An easy way to clean silverware is to pour a half cup of salt into a large baking pan or tray of warm water, then add two tablespoons of lemon juice. Both the bottled kind or fresh lemons work equally well. Place the silverware into the pan and let soak for 15 minutes. Rinse well, and buff to a shine with a clean dry cloth. For a faster result, take a lemon and cut it in half. Place one half into the freezer as an deodorizer. Take the other half and dip the cut side into a bowl of salt and use the lemon as a scrubber. Not only do both of these methods clean the items, it also eliminates bacteria. Another item that does well when cleaning with salt, is the glass or plastic shower door. Make a 50/50 paste of household white vinegar and salt. Rub onto the shower doors with a soft scrubber, then rinse or wipe clean with warm water. Salt also makes a fantastic scrubbing base for faucets and inside the toilet bowl. Simply mix with vinegar or lemon juice. With a pumice stone, scrub until the bowl looks clean. Flush and you’re finished. No residue, no toxic chemicals necessary.

Cleaning with salt works well for carpeting too. Sprinkle salt all over the carpet. Let sit for about ten minutes then vacuum it up. Not only will this restore and brighten the color of the carpet, it kills fleas and any other insect who unfortunately made it past the front door. If there are pets in the home, this is a safe alternative to harsh flea killing products. Be sure to remove pets temporarily from the area before vacuuming to protect their feet from the salt. You also do not want them to eat it. To clean water stains from fine wood furniture or tables, simply mix some table salt with olive oil or coconut oil and wipe the spot gently. then wipe with a clean dry cloth. Salt is great for buffing the skin too. Mix a paste of salt and olive oil. Rub onto the dry areas of the body, then rinse immediately. The skin will be soft and supple and all rough patches like one gets on the elbows, will be gone. Salt is a safe and natural food item, which may be used for a variety of things. From foot soaks, to every corner of the home, salt does the job.