Grilling Ribs – The Ultimate Taste Treat For Legendary Cookouts

Ribs are great for backyard cookouts or for an afternoon barbecue in a picnic area of a local park where grills are provided. The first thing to do is choose whether you prefer pork or beef ribs for your rib soiree. There is a big difference in taste. So you may want to consider this especially when guests are invited. If pork or beef are a problem for guests, fudge it a little by using skinless, boneless chicken breasts sliced “rib style”.

The Greatness Of Grilling Ribs

There is only one word of caution when grilling any meat and that is to insure that it is kept refrigerated until ready for grilling. Marinating your ribs in barbecue sauce in the refrigerator for a few hours helps maintain flavor as well as tenderizes the meat. Some cooks prefer to parboil pork ribs until near done to avoid salmonella problems. Cook these ribs in a large dutch oven in a brine of slightly salted water, freshly ground pepper and 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar until the outer flesh is a pale white color. Reserve remaining brine as a base for your own homemade barbecue sauce. It adds superlative flavor. Using vinegar in brine helps retain taste as well as even cooking.

Barbecue Sauce – Bottled or Homemade

While barbecue sauce can be purchased pre-bottled, there’s nothing more wonderful than experimenting to create your own special version. Barbecue sauce makes ribs taste great and keeps them succulent. There are many varieties you can create with just a few ingredients. For a delightful change from the tomato-infused versions, try a lemon garlic bath for your ribs. The ingredients are freshly squeezed lemon juice, (a hint of pulp is fine if you like a little extra tang) crushed garlic, cayenne pepper to taste, salt and for a little color add fresh chopped chives. That’s a total of only 5 ingredients that can be found in any grocery store. How about a Caribbean sauce with lime juice, a dash of cumin, mashed avocado, hot sauce and a drizzle of ordinary molasses or brown sugar? Blend until the ingredients are smooth enough to slather over your ribs.

Sauce Divine

For the economy-minded individuals who much prefer to create their own rib sauces, the most basic ingredients are tomato paste, brown sugar, molasses or maple syrup, cider vinegar, brown mustard and a dash of onion or garlic powder. This recipe is one that is one bowl and mixes fast and easily. Canned condensed tomato soup can substitute for tomato paste. Instead of sweetening with sugar, try a little cola soda or ginger ale. A little cooking wine can work wonders for a signature homemade sauce. Try pepping up the sauce with freshly chopped onion or crushed garlic. For beef ribs, crispy bacon bits add a stunning new taste.

On To The Grill Go The Ribs Extraordinaire

No matter how you prepare your ribs, the amount of heat you use to grill them is crucial to the end result. If you are grilling over a gas or propane grill, choose a medium flame. Ribs that are parboiled or marinated don’t require as much cooking time. They do require thorough cooking through. In addition, ribs need about 10-15 minutes if they have been slightly pre-cooked or marinated. For raw ribs, the cooking time depends on the weight of each rib. The meatier the rib, the longer the cooking time is a good way to gauge this. Keep ribs at least four inches from the heat whether you use a gas or propane grill or a standard type grill. One way to give the ribs an added smoky flavor is to dampen mesquite chips and allow them to begin to “smoke”. When the bulk of the smoke is reduced, place ribs on the grill and enjoy ribs with an outdoors aroma.