When I say home automation is not only means remote or automatic control but it also means the need for security. People usually try to make voice recognition as the most common security home automation feature. At the present we all can afford a home automation system very easily. To choose a home automation system we must keep some things in our mind. First of all there are many things which you can automate like your lightning, telephone, music system, television set, security features and many more things like that. Now it depends with what you want to start first and then you can have a look close with all that things that you consider are the most important for you to get automated .The most common feature in the automation system is the use of voice commands and by just using your own voice if you want you can even switch on or switch off any item in your house which is automated.

The home automation system has two types of controlling systems and you can easily choose between any of the two- system controller and hardware controller. There are various ways of setting up your home automation system .Some of the methods which are commonly used are hard wire, power line usage and wireless usage. In hard wire usage the main system is connected to all the sub systems of the automation system and this uses a number of different wirings for that. In power line usage the connection of all the systems is done by using the main wires of the house and it doesn’t need any special kinds of wires to connect the sub parts with the main hard drive part. Now as you have installed your automation the only thing left is to do is test how it is working so now you can have a test and see if whatever things you have done are going according to plane or not. Now after you have had a close look

On your home automation system then you can add some more features to your system. If you are using your system for only security purpose then by just doing some adjustments and a small number of investments you can make your home an electronic home from a simple home. You can now also answer your phone calls by your voice command and if you want you can also switch your television sets on by just one voice command and everything will happen according to you. Now we all can take a breather after we have a home automation system as it is a real boon for all people because it is going to keep our homes safe even without any fear of robbers. Now you can also have more fun with this system and enjoy your home life like never before .I hope that now you get to know the uses of a home automation system and also how to choose a home automation system to make your home a super home to live.