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How to Choose the Perfect Pole Chain Saw

The problem with a typical chain saw is that it can only reach so high. Sure, while you can get out the ladder and climb eight feet high to cut a tree branch, you will soon find out that this isn’t the safest idea. Thankfully for something known as a pole chain saw, this gadget not only works as a chain saw, but it’s on an extension pole that allows you to reach higher places. No longer do you have to worry about climbing a ladder or putting yourself in danger. A pole chain saw is a very affordable household tool, and if you’re thinking about getting one, here are some things you know before doing so:

The Type of Pole Saw

There are three types of pole chain saws available on the market. It can either run on gas, electric or through a Lithium-Ion battery. Choosing how the chain saw runs really comes down to your personal preferences. An electric chain saw will have to be plugged into an electrical outlet with an extension cord while a gas-powered saw will run solely on gas. Let’s take a look at what each one can do:

Cordless: Cordless pole saws will run on a Lithium-Ion battery that will have to be charged after every use. The average cordless pole saw battery will last around 30 to 60 minutes. With next to no maintenance required, a cordless saw is ideal for smaller tree trimming jobs. This tends to be least powerful out of all the types available.

Electric: An electric pole saw is designed to reach smaller places due to their size. It’s great for trimming and cutting down smaller tree branches. They also tend to be lighter due to their size. One downfall, though, is that it can only reach up to 100 feet. If you have a larger piece of property, you may not be able to reach all the trees.

Gas: As for a gas-powered pole saw, these saws tend to be heavier, more durable and perform better. Since they run on gas, you will be able to take it anywhere you please. Designed for larger trees and trimming jobs, the average gas pole saw can reach up to 12 feet from the ground.

Things to Keep in Mind

Walk into any hardware store, and you will notice that a lot of brands to choose from. Depending on your situation, your choice could vary. What do you want this pole saw to do? Do you want to cut down large trees? Do you just want to trim? How far do you want to take it around your property? With these questions in mind, every pole saw that you look at it should have the following:

Height: The common pole saw can reach anywhere from eight to 12 feet. You really have to analyze your situation to know how high up you need to reach. To play it safe, get a saw that can reach as high as possible.

Power: No matter how the pole sole operates, it’s best to buy a saw that has a rapid acceleration. This will give you maximum efficiency.

Vibration: Due to the fact that you’re using a saw above the ground, it’s important to buy a saw that has very little vibration. A saw with a lot of vibration can be very hard to handle, and it can also pose a hazard.

Weight: Don’t buy a saw that is too heavy. Remember that you’re going to have to lift this saw above your head for a limited amount of time. With a heavier saw, you will find yourself taking more breaks that you want to.

A pole saw is a great tool for those who are afraid of heights or need to reach higher up places. It gets the job done just as fast as your typical chain saw. No matter what type of job you have, this saw will be able to do it. Just keep these tips in mind when setting out to buy one for your yard.