New homeowners always have a long road ahead of them as far as getting their home prepared for habitation. Often, there is work that needs to be done on the interior and exterior of the home which can take a while to complete. Depending on the condition of your new home and how long it sat on the market, you might also need to do some work in the yard to get it looking suitable again. Houses that sat on the market for many months or years might have a very overgrown yard that you will have to get taken care of soon after you’ve moved in. This can seem like a big hassle and an even bigger job if you don’t have a game plan for how to accomplish the task. The key to tackling a severely overgrown yard is to portion it off into different tasks to accomplish. This will break the process down and make it more manageable for you to think about. When you break it down this way, every time you finish a portion, you will feel a sense of accomplishment rather than feeling overwhelmed about the entire project. A little sense of accomplishment can go a long way when it comes to large projects of this nature.

Take a look at the yard and determine the biggest problem that you face right now. It might be tree removal or other large plant removal that you will want to start with since this is often the most difficult undertaking. For large tree removal, you are going to want to rent tree removal equipment because often just taking the top portion of the tree out will not be enough. You will need equipment that will allow you to remove the root system as well so that you can have a fairly even yard plot.

After removing any very large trees, it’s onto the brush. Brush can be removed fairly easily with a pair of clippers and a shovel. Remember when you are removing brush that you are not only removing the top portion, but you should also focus on the bottom as well so that it does not come back. After you have removed the brush, it’s time to clean up the sides of your home. A weed whacker would be a wonderful investment to make because you will use it for many years to come. If you notice that high shade has stunted the growth of your lawn, you will then want to start the process of re-growing your lawn so that your yard can look as manicured as possible.

Getting your yard to look its best is a large job, but with the right attitude and plan, it will go faster than you ever imagined. Whatever you do, don’t pay someone to take care of your overgrown yard. Instead take the time to do it yourself and you will stand to save a lot of money overall. Plus you will be getting great experience for the future of your homeownership.