How to dispose of post-Christmas waste?

Did you know that in Australia every December over 5 million tonnes of Christmas leftovers, wasted food and packaging end up in the landfill? The number has a high chance to raise in the present and years to come because of the rapidly growing population in the entire nation. 

We can start doing our part to reduce it even for a small percentage of it by conducting post-Christmas waste disposal correctly starting from organizing what can and what cannot be recycled. 

Without reducing the joy and happiness of the festivity, post-Christmas waste disposal can be a merry for both your family and the environment. Follow our guideline to do post-Christmas disposal at home correctly.

Understanding the difference in waste management methods

Generally, 7 types of waste management methods currently being used in Australia, they are resource recycling, reuse and reduction, composting and fermentation, landfills and land application. However, for post-Christmas waste disposal, it can be sorted into 3 categories: landfilling, composting and recycling.

1. Landfill

Which also known as a tip or rubbish dump is a place where most of the accumulated waste deposited. It works by using a layering system designed to safely isolate the waste and monitor any byproducts but it would take a long time for the waste to decompose. According to the data provided by the Australian Government, about 35% (7 million tonnes) of waste goes to landfill each year in Australia which including the waste that accumulated during the festive season. 

2. Composting

When organic waste such as food waste and green waste decomposes/broken down they become a compost where it can be safely used for fertilizer on plants. This can be applied for any Christmas waste that categorized as an organic type of waste such as Christmas tree, leftover food, paper chains, eco glitter, wreaths and many more. However, you need to understand the proper way of composting with aeration before piling up all of the organic waste into the hole.

3. Recycling

Currently, recycling is the best way to manage your daily waste including Christmas waste for a better environment. The reduce, reuse and recycling initiatives are well-designed so that the waste will be more useful for other purposes rather than going to the landfill to decompose. 

Organize the items that can and cannot be recycled

One of the reasons Christmas waste mostly ended up in the landfill is due to the lack of understanding about the type of waste that can or cannot be recycled. In this article, we can give you a better insight into the common waste that usually generated in the festivity.

1. Paper-based Waste

Obviously, festivity is the time where decoration will be in place all around the house, therefore, one of these decorations could be a paper-based type. Additionally, a paper-based item can also be found in the utensils such as paper cup and saucer. Every kind of paper-based item can be recycled so you just need to organize it into a skip bin hire Perth which you have booked from a reputable provider. 

2. Glass-based Waste

During the Christmas gathering, most likely you will also find the glass-based type of item from kitchen utensils such as bottle to the decorations. Glass is 100% recyclable that has an unlimited life and can be melted and recycledendlessly to make new glass products with no loss in quality, therefore, put this type of waste on the recycle list.

3. Plastic-type of Waste

Contrary to popular belief not all type of plastic can be recycled but mostly Christmas waste that contains plastic-type item can be recycled. If you are unsure about this, opt-in hiring a skip bin would be your best choice because they will sort out which plastic can be recycled.

Hire a professional skip bin provider

We have mentioned several times about a skip bin because managing waste without a bin will be a hassle, especially during the festive season. Therefore, opt-in the services of a reputable skip bin provider in your local area will give you peace of mind knowing that all of your Christmas waste will be well-taken care of following the rules and regulations of the Australian government.


Christmas is approaching, everyone is overwhelming with the feeling of excitement especially during these hard times of Pandemic. However, never forget to be more responsible for your environment by putting recycling initiative above all while handling Christmas waste management. Thank you for reading and feel free to share it.