How to Get a Good Start With Raising Hogs

Many people would probably think that raising hogs would be a dirty job, but hogs are one of the most cleanest, intelligent, and social animals out of all the farm animals. Raising hogs is not a difficult task when the animals three basic needs is shelter in a strong enclosure, and a good diet. The rest of raising hogs will come naturally, especially for people who really love hogs, but for others it will be a full-time job because hogs completely rely on the kindness of strangers. They rely on their owners for all of their food and health issues. Hogs need a lot of medication in order to remain healthy, and whenever they need the medication, there must be someone around at all times to administer it.

Most people who raise hogs, are raising them as a food source because it can bring in a lot of money. Keeping hogs safe, healthy, sheltered, and fed will ensure that they have a lucrative business. Finding hogs is not a hard task to do. Pig breeders will have many hogs that they will sell to people looking to raise hogs.

Food for hogs

Buying food for hogs is not that difficult. They mainly survive on corn, oats and grain mixed in with pellets when needed. Corn soaked in water is one of the hogs favorite meals because it helps to keep the corn from swelling up in their stomachs, which is much appreciated by the hogs. Hogs should also be given plenty of water. They also eat hay and grass, especially during the winter time. Hay is also a great source for hogs to nest in and keep warm. Unfortunately, if a hog is not fed very well, they tend to resort to cannibalism. Hogs are known for eating their babies if they are hungry. If there is one less piglet on the farm, hog owners usually know that they are not feeding their hogs an adequate diet. Overfeeding hogs can also be detrimental to their health. A balanced diet is best.

Hogs are the favorite meal for many dangerous animals, such as bears, bobcats, mountain lions, coyotes, and wolves, so they can pose a danger to their owners if they are not careful. Water also needs to be kept around at all times so that hogs can cool themselves off. They do not have good sweat glands that function properly, so they are always rolling around in water and mud. Hogs are also smart enough to use mud as a sunscreen to keep their tough skin from being burned, as well as repelling flies and parasitic bugs.


How to get a good start with raising hogs is by making sure a hog has adequate shelter, so that they will not be exposed to all of the other hungry animals in the vicinity. A person can lose all of their hogs in one day if they are allowed to be eaten by other predators. A large enclosure that is very tidy is the best shelter for a hog. The enclosures need to be kept clean at all times because hogs get sick very easy. This is why hogs rely on their owners to keep them safe and healthy because once they get sick, the rest of the hogs will get sick too. They are very infectious animals. Hog panels are made out of strong steel with wielded pieces of rectangular hog wire that holds large fencing posts together. The fence posts should be buried six feet into the ground before the wire can go on. As long as the hog panels provide enough ventilation and space where hogs can roam around and be happy, the owners will be happy too.