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How to Get the Right Sand for Your Job

Not all sand is created equal. Although, we can find sand anywhere, it becomes immediately apparent that you can’t just use any type of sand when it comes to doing a building or landscaping project. Premium Allsands provides the highest quality sand supplies in Perth. Even though all their sands are premium, there are many occasions when only a certain sand will do. So what type of sand should you be using? If you can’t decide between getting fill sand, plaster sand or brickies sand for your Perth project read on.

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Brickies sand

Brickies sand has a large clay component which makes it a perfect choice to use in order to lay bricks of complete some block work.

The presence of clay in the sand ensures that it doesn’t tend to hold much water. This property allows it to mix very well with cement. Using a  ratio of 6 to 1, you can create a mortar that is much more manageable. Plus, by adding just a little extra gravel you can produce cement.

Brickies sand in Perth is the perfect sand to choose if your final desired product is something durable and hard-set.

 Fill sand

Because of its small particle size, fill sand is a fantastic choice for areas whine need good drainage.

An efficient way to visualise it is to think of beach sand. Waves that crash on the sand drain into the sand almost immediately. Similarly fill sand will have the same effect whether you use it to create a fish pond in your garden or to fill gaps around a septic tank. Though the main use of fill sand supplies in Perth is to act as padding or a base for housing.

Fill sand is the best choice if you need to perfect secure your materials and drain liquid into the ground if there is an overflow.

Plastering sand

Due to its fine grade nature, free from any rough particles it makes an ideal addition (as its name suggests) for plastering mix.

Other sand types can contain things like twigs or small stones but these are completely free from plastering sand leading to a very fine, clean type of sand. This makes it perfect to fill any small spaces which may be needed between the bricks. It’s fine nature reduces movement and secures the bricks in place. Plastering sand supplies in Perth are the best option if you need to render bricks or block work.

Get plastering sand, fill sand and brickies sand in Perth

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