How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike

Before you know it, your child will be ready to learn how to ride a bike. While teaching him may seem simple, it is an important undertaking that must be taken seriously. After all, his bike will get him to friends’ houses and pick-up baseball games, and you want him to arrive safely. With your encouragement and teaching, your child can learn to ride a bike quickly, confidently and safely.

Encourage Him

Tell him you know he can do it, and you will support him every step of the way. Don’t force him to learn before he is ready.

Prepare Him

Around age 3, most kids are ready to ride a tricycle. This is the first important step to riding a bike. They will learn to pedal and steer with little risk of falling off and hurting themselves. He will have fun and build his confidence at the same time.

Consider Purchasing a Scooter

A scooter will teach her how to balance, one of the most challenging aspects of riding a bike.

Buy a Helmet

Make sure you protect her head by buying her a well-made helmet. Provide a good example by wearing a helmet when you ride your bike, as well.

Teach Safety Rules

While wearing a helmet is a must, there are other safety rules your child should learn. For example, decide whether your child will be required to stay on the sidewalk or if he is allowed to venture out into the street. Your rules will probably depend on where you live and the amount of traffic in your neighborhood. Whatever you decide, make sure your child understands the rules before letting him ride by himself.

Make Sure His Bike Is the Right Size

If his bike is too big, he will probably fall. He could possibly hurt himself and destroy his confidence in the process. Let him sit on different bikes in the store to make sure he gets one that is the proper size.

Attach Training Wheels

If your child has been proficient at riding a tricycle and scooter for several months, training wheels may be unnecessary. However, they are a great way to build confidence and teach your child how to balance and steer a bicycle, which is different from riding a tricycle.

Help Her On and Off the Bike

Help your child get on and off her bike. Help her at first, and then let her get on and off alone when she is ready. While it seems simple, getting on and off a bike for the first time can be tricky and a little scary.

Adjust Seat Height

Make sure the seat is the correct height for your child. His feet should be able to touch the ground when they are not on the pedals.

Run or Walk Beside Him

When your child is ready to ride his bike without training wheels, walk or run beside him to help balance and encourage him. Push gently and help him keep the bike upright. Don’t let go until he seems ready. When you let go, remain close to him in case he needs your help.

Before you know it, you will glance out your kitchen window to see your child whizzing by on his bicycle and reminding him to stop leaving his bike in the driveway. With your guidance and teaching, he will know how to ride his bike safely and responsibly.