Keeping Your Pet Flea Free Requires Treating Your Pet, House and Yard

Pests are a pain. No one wants them inside their home. One pest that may find its way into your home is the flea. Fleas are a parasite that multiply rapidly. Once you start seeing them, you will want to take steps to rid your home of the ones you can see and the ones you can’t see.

There are many products on the market for keeping your pet flea free. These products can range in price and effectiveness.

Flea Collar

You may want to choose to use a flea collar on your dog or cat to keep fleas away. These collars release a gas that is toxic to fleas. Your pet will also absorb some of the product in their fat to continue the flea fight. Some people like to place a flea collar in their vacuum cleaner bag to kill any fleas they vacuum while treating their floors and furniture. These collars are typically effective for 30 days.

Flea and tick shampoo and creme rinses

These are chosen more often for dogs than cats as cats don’t usually like baths. Dogs are much more receptive to baths. When used with other treatments, this bathing will help to curb your flea problem. Another benefit is that your pet will have a softer coat and a clean smell.

Topical flea treatments

These liquid treatments are applied directly to your pets skin. They come in single doses according to your pets weight. Some are applied in one spot on your pet, others require you to apply in several different spots along your pets back. They can be purchased singularly or in economical packs of 3 or 6 doses. Some of these products also include growth inhibitors and heartworm prevention ingredients. Growth inhibitors break the fleas life cycle by keeping flea eggs from hatching. Topical flea treatments will help in keeping your pet flea free for 30 days.

Oral flea treatments

Some products that are helpful in keeping your pet flea free come in a pill form. These pills are given to your pet at mealtime. A liquid form is available for cats. These oral flea treatments also help to break the flea life cycle. These products prevent fleas eggs from developing into adult fleas.

Chewable tablets

Another option in the battle to control fleas is chewable tablets. These tablets start to kill fleas within 30 minutes of ingestion. They are usually for dogs and are beef-flavored to entice dogs to eat them.

Flea powders

These products are best for short-term treatments. Some are made exclusively to kill fleas, while others also contain growth inhibitors.

Flea combs

Another way of keeping your pet flea free is by the use of flea combs. Using flea combs can give you an indication of your flea infestation. These combs are finer than regular combs. Just start combing your pets coat and see what ends up on the comb. Have some water with dish detergent standing by since these fleas will be live and ready to jump. An added benefit for your pet is that they typically love a good combing.

Home Remedies

Some ways to treat your carpet, furniture and your pets bedding is to use salt and brush it into the carpet, furniture or bedding. Leave in for a day, then vacuum it up. The salt dehydrates the flea thereby killing it. It is also safe for your pet and humans, too. Another way is to use Borax powder. Also leave this down for a day, then vacuum up.

Exterior of Home

In keeping your pet flea free, you will also need to treat your yard. There are pesticides available to kill fleas in the yard. Some people choose to use an organic material as opposed to a pesticide. You could try treating your yard with diatomaceous earth. It is made of crushed shells that cut and dehydrate the fleas.

Just one product will not rid your home of a flea infestation. You will need to treat your pet, any pet bedding, your carpet, furniture and the exterior of your home for full protection in keeping your pet flea free.