Knitting Jobs For Profit

A knitting job can be a good way to bring in some extra money. It’s not hard to make a profit if you don’t consider your time too valuable. If you enjoy knitting there are several types of knitting jobs that you can do.

Consider custom knitting. If you’re good at making small changes to a pattern to make it more personal or satisfactory, custom knitting jobs can be enjoyable. To see if you can do it, make yourself, your husband or your children a custom made outfit. “Custom” means that it’s tailored and designed to fit one person. The basic pattern can be the same as everyone else’s, but when you customize a garment, you add or subtract details both for fit and looks.

For instance, if your pattern has a short row of buttons in the front, you may decide to eliminate them and stitch the center together, or you may decide to make the row longer or even open the garment altogether to make a cardigan.

Take out newspaper ads, and put notices on bulletin boards and use word of mouth. When you get a job, do it well and give the customer a business card to share.

You make a profit from knitting by getting a job from a local yarn or craft shop making swatches. Sometimes even bigger stores need swatches made up of the yarn they sell. These are knitted samples of yarn that the shop hangs near its display to give the customer an idea of how the yarn works up and how it looks and feels when knitted into a garment or other piece.

The shop will probably give you a variety of yarn to work with and it will be up to you to supply the needle and any other tools needed. They and may allow you to keep whatever yarn is left from the swatch for yourself, which is extra profit. Try to use the size of needle recommended on the yarn label and be careful of gauge. It has to be a true sample of what to expect, not knitted too tightly nor too loosely and finished neatly.

Not all stores do this, but ask around and you might be surprised who you can convince to try it. Watch stores that already do, and if it seems like they have fewer swatches or are slow in getting them displayed, they may have a job opening.

If you’re into designing your own knitted wear, create your own job by selling your designs to exclusive shops. One of a kind, or limited production is a plus for these shops. They will sell them for you and share the profit with you. The store usually has the option to set the price, so let them. They know their clientele and what they will pay.

If selling directly to stores doesn’t appeal to you, check out a few of these exclusive shops and look at the designer labels. Find out where they are and if they’re anywhere near you, you might get a job knitting up some of the designs. They will provide the yarn and pattern, all you have to do is a good job.

Somebody creates all those patterns in the magazines and catalogs we see, it might as well be you. If you want a knitting job that you can do at your own leisure, this may be it. Beware of copying any part of a garment; you cannot just redesign a pattern and call it yours, as you can in custom knitting.

You will have to create the item, write the pattern and make sure it works, then sell the idea to a knitting magazine or yarn company.

Knitting jobs for profit are out there for the taking!