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Leaking Roof? The How’s, Why’s & What to do about it!

We have all been there. The formidable drip, drip of a leaking ceiling. The first thing we do is put a bucket under the leak to collect the water and hope the ceiling doesn’t cave in. It was probably the storm and hopefully, it will stop, right?  However, ignoring the need for a ceiling leaking repair can give rise to further damage especially ceiling roses Bunbury.

A roof leakage repair must take the highest possible priority on your checklist of upkeep issues in your home. Many roof coverings are only meant to last 20 to 30 years so it can merely be time before yours might need replacing.

Whether you are a landlord of a property or a life in your own home, you need to be fully aware and alert of the consequences of a  leaking roof. I have been on the receiving end of a collapsed roof due to unforeseen storm damage, but below are several of the less-obvious reasons for a roofing leak and the damage it can do to your house if left unchecked.

Attic and ceiling damages

The preliminary threats of roof leakage are damage to the attic and all those fond memories and keepsakes kept there. The signs of ceiling damage will be yellow staining and the plaster bubbling. The dripping water can often cause damage to paint and plaster on neighboring wall surfaces. You can even expect damages on ceiling-mounted lights and fans

Inside mold and mold concerns

Another factor that we homeowners have to deal with as a repercussion of a leaking ceiling is the onset and growth of mould. Mould is unsightly, dangerous to your health, and spreads ferociously throughout the home’s structure, damaging the AC and heating system and invade carpets, furnishings, and even clothing. Then there is the toxic black mould which, although uncommon, will strike wooden framework, ceiling tiles, and flooring. Mould is hard to get rid of and can add to your ceiling leak repair cost

Fire danger from water damage

If your electric wiring exists in an attic or ceiling, a leaking roofing system could mean a fire hazard from shorted wires. Shut off electrical energy to the location that’s affected and call out an electrical contractor to inspect the issue

Endangered structural stability

One of the most noticeable repercussion of a leaking roofing is the broken rafters, ceiling joists, wall surface framing and fascia boards. Chronic roof leakages cause wood wear and tear and also weakened, rotten roofing system framing.

Spongy and weak water-damaged wood can end in peeling off paint, water damaged ceilings, as well as twisted wall treatments. Architectural damages is inescapable if there is a significant and also long-lasting roof covering leak. That indicates that a great portion of deteriorated ceiling fall down and you would definitely hate for it to drop on your laptop, TV or even on you or your family!

As well as the phone number of a reliable electrician and plumber, it also worth having the number of a handy ceiling leaking repair company. I have been caught out too many times so now, as soon as I notice any signs of ceiling damage, I reach for my contact at Southern Ceiling RepairThis company has helped hundreds of customers like me escape major damage by identifying and fixing leaking ceilings.  Servicing Perth and surrounds including ceiling repairs in Albany, it is easy to see what they are known Western Australia’s Number 1 premium quality ceiling leaking repair company. They provide great service, with strong knowledge and reliable, friendly customer service. The best bit is that they are available to help you out 24/7, 365 days a year and they have great pricing too!