A picnic is special for anybody and everybody. It’s a social entertainment. Having fun outside the house in fresh air with your family or friends is definitely a special occasion to help you relax and socialize. But what makes a picnic even more special? Yes, it’s the food that you enjoy eating and sharing with others. Yes, not only you are going to eat the food, it’s also others. Great food for a picnic is definitely one of the best things you enjoy in life. But, don’t you think they should be healthy so as to keep you going even after the picnic? So, let’s fill your hamper with some of the healthiest, delicious, and easy to make picnic recipes to create indelible picnic memories.

Let’s begin with safety. Perishable items like salads, milk products and meat should be bought last and try to get them home quick. If the picnic is going to be at a distant destination, don’t forget to take coolers and ice with you. You can consider taking frozen gel ice packs too.

Chips and other such ready to eat items should not be served with bare hands. Use spoons, tongs or any other utensil which will serve the purpose. This prevents the bacteria in your hand from spreading onto the food particles. Take with you water and hand sanitizer for washing and cleaning your hands to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Now, let’s get on with the recipes.

  • Soups that contain herbs are not only healthy but also tasty.
  • Fresh fruits those are cut-up carefully
  • Fresh fruit juices that help you take a sip while chit-chatting. Lemonade is one of the best options you’ve got – it’s easy to make, it keeps you fresh and it’s tasty. They don’t have any extra calories and they also help in keeping you fresh. Boxed wines are another option.
  • Dessert! Lovely yummy desserts are a must for a lovely picnic. Watermelons, berries make a good companion. Ice creams can be carried only if you have a cooler.
  • Buttermilk baked chicken
  • Egg scrambles, or boiled eggs
  • Brownies
  • Sourdough rolls
  • Iced fruit tea and cold coffee (for people who can’t live without coffee)
  • Crispy French bread (Yes, crispy!)

Now that you know some of the most healthy and delicious picnic recipes, you should also know the important recipes to be carried along.

  • Plates – Paper and plastic only. And be careful with the disposal of plastic plates
  • Napkins – You can either go for cloth or paper napkins depending on your budget
  • Knives – Bread and meat knives
  • Garbage bags for dump everything
  • First aid kit (this is really important)
  • Wet napkins
  • Table cloth and hampers, baskets
  • Salt, pepper and chili flakes if required
  • Torch and flashlight
  • Thermos and mugs

By carrying the above essentials and foods, you’ll be able to prevent food poisoning, and enjoy a cozy, relaxed picnic that will stay in your memory the rest of your life.