Pizza is one of everyone’s all time favorites. But getting take out or delivery pizzas can really do a job on your health. Most of them will slam you with 300 or more calories for just one slice! Which is terrible considering most people want more than one slice. Here are some healthier alternatives to pizza.

Making your own homemade pizza is not only easy, but fun and healthy as well. You need to start with a really good crust. White flour is definitely out. In case you didn’t know, white flour is lacking most all the nutrients that come from the grain in the first place. It can immediately raise blood sugar levels, just as sugar can. You want to use whole wheat flour, or at least half whole wheat half white flour. About a cup and a half flour should be good for your crust. Add a package of yeast, and a sprinkle of salt and sugar. Mix two teaspoons of olive oil and about 2/3 cup hot water until your dough is a perfect ball. You don’t want it too sticky or too or too dry. Once you’ve mixed your dough knead it for a few minutes and place it in a bowl with a towel over the top and let it rise for about 20 minutes. Roll it out and prepare to create your masterpiece.

For an awesome spinach, feta and garlic pizza, melt some butter with crushed (or grated) garlic. Spread this over the crust. Fresh spinach is the best, but if you need to use frozen just throw it in a colander and run hot water over it until it is thawed well. Sprinkle the spinach all over your pizza. Then spread feta cheese all around the pizza. You can add mozzarella cheese as well, or whatever cheese you like. Bake at 400 degrees for about half an hour or until it looks browned.

For the die hard pepperoni lover, once again you want a whole wheat crust. Try some tomato and basil pasta sauce over the crust for a whole new healthy flavor. Turkey pepperoni tastes just as good, but with half the calories and fat. Sprinkle those around and add some part skim mozzarella. The taste will still be there, but not the calories.

If you love tomatoes, try this awesome margherita pizza. If you just don’t want to bother with the homemade crust, use the refrigerated version. You can find it in whole wheat, but you will mostly have just white choices. If you prefer your crust garlic flavored, baste with melted butter and garlic, or just cut a clove and rub it all over the crust. Slice up some fresh plum tomatoes thinly, and spread them all over the crust. Sprinkle with mozzarella, gruyere, swiss or whatever cheese you love with tomatoes. Using lower fat cheeses will cut calories as well. Bake about 12 minutes at 400 degrees until the cheese is melted. For an extra yummy topping, sprinkle with salt, pepper and basil after removing from the oven. Then drizzle with a mixture of olive oil and vinegar for the mouth watering finish everyone will love.

Remember the basics — whole wheat flour instead of white, low fat or part skim cheeses, and healthier sauces can make all the difference in making your pizza healthy. Topping with fresh ingredients always makes it healthier, and brings out the most fantastic fresh taste. Just think healthy when adding your toppings and you can’t make an artery clogging pizza. Keep it light and tasty and everyone will be asking for seconds.