6 Moroccan authentic dishes for a Moroccan-themed party

Loaded with tons of exotic spices, herbs, nuts and dried fruits makes Moroccan dishes believed to be one of the delicious and healthiest foods in the world. Therefore, the trends of having a Moroccan-themed dinner party at home filled with lots of authentic Moroccan dishes in Perth has risen in the past few years. 

Throwing a Moroccan-themed dinner party is the perfect culmination of old-world romance meeting casual chic. A mix of European, Mediterranean, African, Middle Eastern and even South American cultures are what Moroccan classic made of which will add uniqueness and vibrance to your dinner party.

Here are some of the authentic Moroccan cuisine that you can prepare.

1. Moroccan Taktouka

As a starter, the delicious Moroccan-style cooked salad should be on your list, Moroccan Taktouka. It’s a combination of green peppers, tomatoes and mixed with lots of herbs and spices resulting in mouth-watering flavours of traditional Moroccan food which usually served with bread.

2. Moroccan Couscous with Seven Vegetables

Yes, it has to be seven types of vegetables to create a perfect flavour of Moroccan Couscous. This dish is commonly found in every table of a Moroccan family makes it a must-have in your dinner party. Lamb, beef, or chicken is stewed with varied vegetables, then served atop of the steamed couscous like a topping.

3. Moroccan Chicken Tagine

The renowned roasted chicken with preserved lemon and olives surely one of the highlight dishes in the party. This rich and fragrant chicken stew is laden with a complex mix of flavours and spices. A classic Moroccan dish with rich incredible flavours that burst out as soon as you take a bite.

4. Moroccan Mechoui-style Lamb

A meat lover will find this dish very exquisite because Moroccan Mechoui is a slow roasting of a leg of lamb or whole shoulder until the meat is tender enough to be pulled easily off the bone. That’s delicious on its own but when the meat is rubbed with the mouth-watering flavours Moroccan-style herbs and spice mix your barbeque will be taken to the next level.

5. M’hanncha or Snake Cake

This uniquely shaped pastry is one of the popular cakes in every Moroccan family gathering. It is typically prepared with almonds, sugar, cinnamon, mastic powder, butter, and orange flower water which often dusted with powdered sugar or brushed with warm honey. Surely, the kids will love it.

6. Sellou

Chatting and enjoying the moment at the party accompanied by this popular Moroccan sweet consisting of oven-browned flour, fried almonds, and toasted sesame seeds would be perfect, Sellou.


Throwing a Moroccan dinner party could be a hassle but with the list that we have shared above, you can prepare it a few days prior to the party. Additionally, you can set up the party to be livelier by addressing the guest to wear a dress or attire representing the Moroccan culture. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.