7 Moroccan-inspired Festive Dinner Ideas

With the festive season is approaching every Mum in Australia currently doing a Christmas preparation and actively looking for dinner ideas to make the festive dinner memorable, especially during these times. To make this special occasion why not prepare unique dishes from the exotic country of Morocco? Not only it packed with plenty of healthy herbs but also easy to make. 

Here are some of our favourite Moroccan Foods for your Christmas dinner ideas.

Moroccan Ras el hanut Roast Turkey

Christmas dinner without a roast turkey on the table is not complete, therefore, the succulent turkey meat combined with crispy Moroccan flavoured skin is absolute perfection, especially mixed with Ras el hanut spice mix.

Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Another popular dish that serves on every special occasion is the Lamb Tagine. Tagine is the traditional way to prepare the dish using an earthenware pot, while Lamb is one of the favourite meats in the Middle East, therefore, by preparing Moroccan Lamb Tagine for your Christmas dinner, it will produce the authentic Moroccan atmosphere. 

Moroccan Lamb Mechoui

As mentioned above, Lamb is one of the main ingredients that loved by Moroccan, therefore, there are quite plenty of food with Lamb as the highlight. Mechoui itself translated as roasted over a fire where the lamb meat is covered with a special Moroccan spice mix and then slow-cooked to buttery tenderness.

Moroccan B’Stilla

Also known as Moroccan Chicken Pie it a spiced, savoury and slightly sweet chicken pie, layered with the exotic flavours, encased in tender phyllo and baked to golden, buttery perfection. It’s a unique mix of sweet and savoury in one package of a dish.

Moroccan Couscous

The all-time favourite dish of Moroccan definitely a must-prepare for your Moroccan-inspired festive dinner. This soup-like dish which rich in vegetables, meat, and sausage could be one of the dinner highlights due to its unique taste.

Moroccan Harrira

A popular Moroccan dish which usually acts as an appetizer but can also serve as a light-bite dish. Filled with tomatoes, lentils, chickpeas, fresh herbs, dried spices, and meat, making it a delightful dish for a Christmas dinner.

Moroccan Salad Medley

Another lovely and healthy appetizer food, with many types of fresh vegetables surrounding a mound of rice. Commonly this dish using five different types of vegetable with egg slices as additional ingredients. 


The list mentioned above is amongst the popular dishes that commonly serve on special occasions. However, there are still plenty of Moroccan dishes that can make your Christmas dinner livelier such as Mrouzia, Roasted Chicken with Preserved Lemons and Lamb Brochettes. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.