Pre Fab Sheds – Fast and Easy

Have you been considering the need for a storage shed? Sheds are great for workshops, simple storage, lawn and garden equipment, and even home-offices! Traditional methods of getting a shed done include building a wood shed or a metal shed, but both of those methods take time and hard work. There is another option and it is fast and easy – pre-fab sheds.

Pre-fab sheds are those ones you see rolling down the highway, three at a time, on a flat-bed trailer. When one is delivered to your home and installed, it’s ready to use the same day. No waiting for slabs to be poured or sorting through a hundred parts and complicated directions. No tuck-loads of lumber that need to be cut, nailed, and painted to look like a decent storage shed.

One phone call or visit to the pre-fab shed dealer, one check to write, and one finished storage building. It’s as easy as that.

Pre-Fab Sheds Come In A Variety of Styles

Another advantage of pre-fab sheds, also known as portable storage buildings, is that the design options are extensive and it’s not difficult to get a shed to meet your needs and taste exactly. A few design-style options commonly seen are:

• Standard Eave Style – Much like a small house, these units have an overhang on the roof which helps the structure to blend in on the property.

• Barn Style – Depending on where you live, you might like the idea of a barn out in the yard but don’t need a full-size model! Pre-fab sheds come with that same look and feel.

• Low-Profile – If your needs are such that the shed shouldn’t be too tall, maybe due to deed restrictions in your community, then a shorter low profile shed might work well for you.

In addition to the general shape of a shed structure, there are design options available to enhance the exterior look. This might included upgraded windows and doors, or trim around either or both of those. It could also include upgraded siding with corner-boards painted an accent color to enhance the look.

Overall, the options are such that a portable storage building can be selected that will fit right where you want it and look great. But the options don’t end on the outside!

Interior Options Are Extensive

Pre-fab sheds are very much unlike standard metal sheds when it comes to the interior options available to you. You can order your pre-fab shed with all of the interior amenities built right in from day one!

Some of the options you might seek for the interior of your shed include:

• built-in work benches and storage

• pre-wired electrical service to power tools

• overhead lighting and outdoor lighting

• air-conditioning and/or ceiling fans

When both interior and exterior style options are considered, and the incredible fast and easy installation of a pre-fab shed is counted in the equation, it becomes a clear front-runner for storage solutions.

Cost may be the only drawback, as pre-fab sheds do run a bit higher than other options (though they still could cost less than building your own custom shed). Many manufacturers of pre-fab sheds combat this problem by offering attractive financing options and programs designed specifically for this type of project.

In the end, the solution of a large storage space, installed quickly, easily, and with minimum hassle is hard to beat. The fact that your shed can look great and blend well on your property is a great added feature. Check out the options of pre-fab storage sheds in your area and you might be ready to buy.