Protecting Your Vehicle and Investments With Carports

Carports are not necessarily a new trend in American homes, but it certainly is an incredible investment. Places that experience inclement weather usually have carports alongside their garages. For those with more Mediterranean climates, carports are an excellent place to protect items from the sun without having to pull vehicles and other objects in and out of the garage. Carports are becoming more popular as each year passes because of the protection it offers to vehicles and other items housed in garages.

A covered structure to protect objects from the elements is not necessarily a new item. Horses have stables and humans build themselves homes. A carport, however, is a recent invention. As early as 1909, carports slowly emerged in response to the invention of the automobile less than a century before. Also, it is referred to an “auto space,” the carport had a roof with pillars and did not have more than one or two walls.

The purpose of the carport is quite clear. During the winter, cars can be parked under the carport for protection and ease of the driver. If a homeowner happens to have friends come over, it is much easier having them park on the carport in case it begins to snow. For warmer climates, it protects from the sun and the heat. Although there are visors designed for cars, it is much easier pulling over a shaded overhang. However, carports can also protect any item from anything the environment can throw at it. That means a carport is not only notable for protecting from rain or sun, but any mold or rotting, and damage caused by excessive heat, water or sun.

Another reason for a carport is factoring in contemporary concepts of garages. Especially in this economy, many families are converting garages into extra rooms or places for storage. However, weather in any climate can be unpredictable, making a carport a popular item amongst growing households. It not only protects vehicles, in this case, but also is extra room for other kinds of investments. As the garage becomes a less usable space, families with children can be rest assured that their children can be protected under a carport, whether used for a game of basketball, tag, or simply getting out of the car without boxes from the garage falling on them.

The material used for a carport varies depending on the function. Some carports are portable while other carports are stationary. The portable carports are usually made of a lighter metal, sometimes aluminum and are not permanently bolted to the floor. Stationary carports can be built from a variety of materials. Like portable carports, stationary carports employ the use of metals such as steel. Depending on the budget for a carport, carports range from small portables in the hundreds of dollars or permanent structures that can range into thousands of dollars.

Carports can become an even better investment, not just for the protection of vehicles, but the value of the house, as well. Although many carports are a simple overhang containing metal, many American households are opting for a more aesthetic look. Houses that have a brick facade for instance may put an addition of a carport that uses the same bricks on the facade on the pillars and match the roofing to the house. Attached or detached, a carport adds significant curb appeal in a new, original way. Curb appeal and an investment like a permanent carport can increase the value of a house significantly.

Carports are an incredible investment for a variety of reasons. First, carports protect vehicles from the elements. Whether it is freezing temperatures or desert heat, a carport keeps any vehicles from sun, rain, snow, or hail. Plus, carports, especially the permanent structures, are safe to house cars while children are at play. Whether the carport comprises of a light aluminum, a heavy steel, or as an addition to a house, a carport can add value to the house.