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Rain Harvesting: How Rain Can Make Life Easier

Healthy and free, the rainwater that falls around your property can be put to good use. From irrigating the landscaping to washing your cars, you can take advantage of this free natural resource. You will save money and enjoy lush landscaping when you invest in a few simple tools.

Collecting Rainwater

Collection barrels are readily available at home improvement stores. Easily connected to your downspouts, the barrels will gather water from your roof and gutters. A few barrels placed around the property can be used to gather rainwater from garage roofs and other surfaces, but you should use screens to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water.

Hoses and Spigots

When purchasing the barrels, look for some featuring spigots and connections for hoses. These will make it easy to use the water around your property for irrigating plants. Instead of dipping containers in for water, you can easily gather water directly from the spout.

Simple or Sophisticated

Depending on your needs and interest level, you can create systems that are basic or highly detailed. While a barrel that collects water from the roof will keep the plants fed, you can install complex systems that will serve more of your household needs. From watering the plants to filling the pool and even washing clothes, you would be amazed at what you can use rainwater for.

Less Erosion and Strain

Rainwater rushing along your property encourages erosion and puts extra strain on storm drains. Capturing that water and using it to your advantage minimizes erosion and helps ease the strain.

Clean Water for Plants, Animals and Home

Free of contaminants from fields and roads, collected rainwater is better for your plants. It does not contain salts, minerals or other contaminants, making it a great choice for your landscaping.

It’s also better for the fixtures around your home. Soft and clean, it does not produce scale and corrosion the way hard water from the city water supply will. The fixtures you run it through will last longer and maintain better water pressure.

Rainwater can also be used for washing your cars, and you may find that it’s more effective at removing road grime than treated city water. Wash your animals with harvested water and keep your fountains filled with the free water source.

With minimal work, you can convert the water to a potable drinking source for pets and farmyard animals. The water is free, and the process for making it safe for drinking is extremely easy and affordable. If you desire, you can even produce potable water for household consumption.

Harvesting rainwater is a smart choice for the environment and your personal finances. A free source of water, it will provide you with lush landscaping and an affordable way to wash the car, driveway and sidewalks. Setting up a collection system is easy, and the supplies are readily available. When you are ready to save money and do something good for the environment, consider installing a collection system on your property.