Green Home

Save Energy (and Money!) In Your Home

In today’s economy, all of us are searching for ways to save a little extra money. From clipping coupons to sewing our own clothes, many of us have found very effective ways to cut some extra spending out of our lives. Have you ever thought about curbing your electricity usage to save money? Curbing your energy consumption by minimizing the electricity you use can really add up on your monthly savings. Below are some tips to follow to cut out energy consumption and lower your monthly utility bills.

Temper the Temperature

During the extreme seasons, winter and summer, it is common for our electricity bills to skyrocket. To keep from having these inconsistent bills, you have some options. Many utility companies offer a budget billing solution that will allow you to stablize your bill so that the increases average out over time. Another way is to set your thermostat on a standard temperature, and leave it. Utility companies recommend 78 degrees in the summer and 68 degrees in the winter. Those may sound like extreme temperatures, but they help you use energy efficiently, and thus, lower your utility bills. Use blankets in the summer and fans in the winter to minimize the impact of these recommended temperatures.

Unplug it!

If you are not using an appliance, unplug it! This will help lower your consumption. Even an idle microwave, toaster oven, or television can consume electricity even if it is not in the “on” position. If you put a lot of kitchen appliances on the same surge protector, and unplug it each day when you leave for work, you will conserve a lot of energy from which you weren’t benefitting anyway. It is worth it to save a few bucks on your utility bill.

Change One Bulb

Changing your traditional incandescent light bulbs to energy efficient flourescent light bulbs is one way to save energy that you will probably not even notice. Energy efficient bulbs that are on the market today last up to ten times longer than conventional light bulbs, and also use less energy while they are turned on. Therefore, switching only one bulb in your house could result in energy savings and less money spent on replacing bulbs. Now there’s a double whammy of savings!

Carpool or Use Public Transit

While this may not be a “home” energy saving tip, carpooling or using public transit can certainly help you conserve energy and save money. Think of all the maintenance dollars you will NOT have to spend if you are sharing a car with someone else who lives and works near where you do? Even carpooling or using public transit one day out of the week can help lower your gas and car maintenance bills. It’s worth a shot to look into that option!

Seal your doors & windows

A lot of air can escape from your windows and doors. In the summer, cooler air finds its way outside, making the inside of your home warmer. Therefore, your air conditioner has to work harder and user more electricity. In the winter, the cooler air comes into your home, making your furnace or heat pump work harder. Imagine what a difference it would make if you could stop that flow of air! An easy way to do that is to seal your windows and doors using caulk or even tape. You will be amazed at how much more regulated the temperature is in your home when your doors and windows are sealed.

In summary, there are lots of ways to save energy in your home. Using less energy makes you more efficient and also lowers your bills… leaving you money to spend on other things for your home or children. Start with a small step today and watch the bills go down!