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Solar Energy – The Time Is Now

Homeowners know and understand older energy systems are costly and a detriment to the environment. This is the main reason residential and commercial solar system panels have become so popular. Depending on volume of energy useage, solar system panels can reduce the cost of home heating and air conditioning as well as maintaining a hot water heating unit.

Solar energy has become so popular as an alternative to traditional energy that many new housing developments are built with solar panel systems already installed at time of construction. When it’s time to replace an older roof on an existing home, many homeowners consider this an opportune time to invest in solar system panels. The beauty of making the switch to solar energy are the tax credits homeowners can take advantage of. These environmental tax credits may reduce the cost of installation up to 35% depending on the size of the home and quantity of panels required.

How To Shop For Solar Panel Systems

An educated consumer is always more knowledgeable about the length of time it takes to install solar system panels, additional materials involved, the types of companies that sell these panels and the reputations of installers of solar systems. This is an extremely important issue to consider. Because solar energy is a relatively new field for businesses, homeowners want to have the most reliable company install their new solar panel systems. Look for solar panel system companies that have a long-term reputation for this type of installation.

Be aware though that not all solar panel systems are installed on a roof. Depending on the region and overall climate, many homeowners choose solar system panels for installation on exterior walls of the home’s structure. A lot of homeowers may be initially wary of whether a solar panel system can adequately supply needed energy to the home. Many start with a solar panel system for their hot water heating requirements. These are relatively inexpensive to install and they offer the opportunity to graduate to a larger solar panel system once the energy costs are more obvious.

When You Are Ready For A Whole House Solar Panel System

When the decision is made to switch to alternative energy like solar panel systems, the next issue is where to buy them. Installers of solar panel systems can be found online and off. While it’s a good idea to check with your present energy provider, the downside to this is buying from a larger energy provider may not result in maximum savings on energy use. This is the reason it is best to choose a company dedicated solely to providing solar panel systems. Solar panel systems have been in use since the 1970′s. So, there are solar energy companies who have been in business 3 or more decades. These are the very best choices for new installations of solar panel systems. These companies may also sell panels for the “Do-It-Yourself” individual. Bear in mind that this can represent an additional savings on installation costs.

Solar panels can be leased from solar companies with option to buy or they can be purchased. In either case, the savings on energy costs plus the tax credits involved more than pay for the cost of solar system panels in two or three years. Many solar energy companies now offer the panels free of charge for a regular monthly solar energy fee. These are the questions to ask before committing to a contract.

Solar Panel Systems

Solar panel systems are a form of clean energy that most homeowners seek most enthusiastically. They are as effective for central heating as they are for air conditioning. Those who have had solar panel systems installed attest to this in their claims that they find no appreciable difference in power supply than with previous traditional energy. Many homes are able to be completely off electrical grids.