Starting With the Basics-Basic Kitchen Tools

There’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you and your spouse are standing in your very first house and wondering where to start. One of the places that is great to start with is in the kitchen. From past experience, once you get the kitchen in order, the rest of the house seems to just fall into place. The kitchen is where meals are prepared and cooked with love for the entire family to enjoy and bond over. Since the kitchen is so important, it is essential that at least the basic kitchen tools are available for your use. Once you have these basics, then you can begin to add in more of the complex kitchen tools.

One of the important basic kitchen tools that you will need are spoons. These do not just mean the spoons you find in the silverware drawer, which are also necessary, but an assortment of wooden spoons, some slotted spoons, ladles, and metal serving spoons are also necessary for a well-equipped kitchen. Going along with the spoons, spatulas are also needed to help make a meal easier to complete. It is important to get a few different sizes of spatulas and to also make sure you get different spatulas for different jobs. Some spatulas are called scraping spatulas, while others are referred to as rubber spatulas. All of these are necessary for a well-stocked kitchen.

Another important kitchen basic is a cupboard full of different pots and pans and baking dishes. It is important to have different sizes of saucepans with lids as well as different sizes of skillets with lids. When it comes to baking dishes, a roaster, muffin pans, cookie or baking sheets, different sizes of rectangle pans (made out of both glass and metal), round and square cake pans, a loaf pan, pie pans, and cooling racks are all important to have on hand for making something in the oven, from muffins to a casserole. Along with pots and pans and spoons, you will also need to have some type of colander for draining pasta or other foods, and different sizes of sieves, which can be used for straining gravies or sifting flour.

Now that you have basic baking dishes, in order to do any baking there are some essentials that you need just lying around that will enable you to make that cake or a batch of cookies that will put smiles on the faces of your family at dessert or snack time. Some of these essentials include measuring spoons of all sizes, measuring cups, both wet and dry, different sized wire whisks, at least a hand-held mixer, egg beaters, a rolling pin, and a timer to know when your cookies are done in the oven.

Some other essentials that need to be kept handy are different sizes of knives, that include at least one paring knife, a chef’s knife, and a serrated knife and should be made out of stainless steel. These are the basic knives you should own, but many places sell knives in sets, which include bread knives and steak knives and other knives that might come in handy as you are cooking. You can never have too many different types of knives handy in the kitchen because you never know when you will need them to cook with. Other than knives, some other essentials include a grater with different sized holes, a vegetable peeler, a can opener (preferably electric but the handheld ones work too), kitchen shears for opening those tough packages, and a corkscrew.

Once the basics have been obtained for usage in the kitchen, then as you move along in your cooking, you can add things to your repertoire of kitchen tools, such as a food processor or a toaster oven. Though there’s no better place to start than by getting basic kitchen tools needed to provide home-cooked meals for your family?