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5 Summer Cleaning Checklist

December just around the corner which means Summer will follow for the next three months in Australia. The weather temperature will be rising which involving hot strong winds that blowing frequently and leave your backyard or front yard in a mess due to the accumulated rubbish. Therefore, it’s time to seasonal deep clean of your home and its surrounding to prepare a refreshing Summer, especially if you have kids that spend most of their times at home during these times. 

Here are our 5 Summer Cleaning Checklist for you to follow

1. Clean the floors

The floors are the easiest part of the house to collect dust because we step on it every time, makes it a priority on the summer cleaning checklist. You can start by swiping or vacuum all of the visible dust using a broom or a vacuum cleaner, from the main living room to each room and all the way to the kitchen. Then, you can continue with mopping the floors with a cleaning detergent and follow the same route as before. If you have kids or pets, it’s advised to avoid them from touching the floors until it dry. 

2. Get rid all of the stinky trashes in the bin

Most homeowner in Australia, keep their trash bin for daily household waste in the kitchen which happens to be one of the dampest areas of the house. This can create a smelly stinky odour which eventually reaches all of the areas in the house and doubled in the Summer due to the heat. Our best advice to rent a skip bin to be placed in front of the house where you can manage all of the household waste inside it then the skip bin provider team will pick it up for you on the collection date.

3. Double the laundry duty

If your usual laundry day is once a week, it might be good to double it twice a week before and during the Summer because the amount of the heat generated can make people sweat more often, therefore, make sure you’re stocked up on laundry detergent and consider investing in an outdoor towel tree or a retractable rack to help organize your laundry room. Because of this, there’s likely a mess created in the laundry room which means you need to take extra attention to the cleanliness of it.

4. Clean the bathroom

When was the last time you do a deep clean of your bathroom? Imagine the impact on the bathroom when Summer comes which accompanied by the heat and humidity. The toilet is probably the least cleaned part of the bathroom, therefore, you need to do extra care for it like do twice a week cleaning during the Summer. Don’t forget the exhaust fan which probably has been accumulated a large amount of dust through the years. Leaving the bathroom in a clean situation helping to generate better hygiene environment at the house.

5. Organize the backyard and garden waste properly

Your backyard will be cluttered easily during the Summer because of the strong winds, the heat and humidity that comes with it. Therefore, managing the backyard and garden waste before and during the season is also a mandatory task that you can do weekly. However, collecting fallen leaves, old twigs and green waste can be quite a hassle without proper preparation. Therefore, renting a skip bin hire Australia is recommended to help save time and energy.


Let’s welcome the Summer with a bright happy smile and clean house because during these times staying in a clean and hygiene house is what we need the most. Thank you for reading and feel free to share the article.