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The Benefits of a Home Solar Power System

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably looking for ways to save money on your monthly energy bills. If that’s the case, then you should seriously consider solar energy. Solar power is a renewable energy source that generates essentially free electricity from the sun using panels that are installed on the roof. Solar power can reduce or even eliminate the cost of electric power for your home. The initial costs of installing solar power are high, but you can recoup your upfront costs over time and even make money in the long run. Let’s explore why an increasing number of homeowners are giving solar energy some serious thought.

Saving Money With Solar

The amount that you’ll save on electricity costs depends on the size of the system that you install and your geographical location. Homeowners in southern California will obviously be able to generate more energy with the same amount of paneling than somebody in Canada. Connecting your solar system to the local grid allows you to sell any excess power you generate back to the power company for additional savings. A major incentive to adding solar power to your home is that the federal government as well as many US states offer tax rebates if you decide to install solar panels.

Environmental Benefits

More than 60 percent of the electricity generated in the United States comes from coal-fired plants. Coal usage is responsible for 93% of the sulfur dioxide and 80% of the nitrogen oxide that is spewed into the atmosphere every day. Furthermore, coal produces large amounts of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and airborne particulates that pollute the local atmosphere and create health hazards. Knowing this, it’s easy to see why converting to solar power is a good idea. In doing so, you’ll reduce your carbon output and contribute to a cleaner and more hospitable environment.

Additional Perks

A solar power system is a sustainable, renewable and inexhaustible source of free electricity once it is installed. It’s quiet, unobtrusive and does not require routine maintenance or repair for the most part. Solar power gives you independence from your local utility company, shielding you from future price hikes as the cost of energy continues to spiral higher and higher. It also gives you peace of mind concerning the uncertain future availability of oil and coal supplies. Another great advantage of solar systems is that they provide power during regional outages and blackouts.

Even Greater Savings: The DIY Route

Some homeowners are dissuaded from installing solar systems due to the potentially steep installation costs. But if you’re a fan of DIY projects and are moderately handy, you can build your own solar panels for a fraction of the cost of today’s manufactured units. The individual solar cells that produce electricity are relatively cheap and can be purchased from wholesalers. To fabricate your own panels, you’ll just need to purchase tabbing wire and solder to connect the individual cells. Panels can be built for under $150 a piece, as opposed to buying manufactured panels for anywhere from $300 to $800 dollars.

Closing Thoughts

There’s a growing movement in the USA and beyond to become more self-sufficient in terms of energy. Installing a solar system in your home or office is the perfect way to do that. When you decide to go solar, you’re no longer held hostage by your local utility as far as electricity is concerned. Installing a solar system not only saves money but also increases the value of your property. When it comes to making an investment that can substantially increase the value of your home and improve your quality of life, it’s tough to beat a solar power system.