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The Dos and Don’ts of Filing Your Skip Bin

Skip bin rental for disposing of large amounts of rubbish are a no brainer. Perfect for garage clear outs, house moves, renovations, spring cleans and more, they are easy to hire and a time-saving waste disposal solution.  Common questions are how much is a skip bin hire and how long can you hire a skip for? Other questions included what type and size skip bin will I need. Reputable rubbish removal Perth specialists will advise you on these and other questions and dispose of your rubbish in an environmentally friendly way. They also have some basic requirements though and in this quick guide, we’ll break down the do’s and don’ts of filling your skip bin rental to make things even more easier.

Do declare the kinds and quantity of waste you need to dispose of

Rubbish removal Perth companies can take most waste types but some are an absolute no-no.

The types as well as amount will help identify the weight of your rubbish and hence the right dimensions for when you organise your skip bin rental

Below are the categories of wastes that your skip bin company uses:

  • Household
  • Garden
  • Building
  • Industrial
  • E-waste
  • Construction

Do Sort your waste

When you have identified the rubbish that you require to throw away, separate it according to the previously mentioned categories to help you accurately determine what type skip bin to hire.

Do keep in mind of the weight constraints of your bins

Discuss your options with the rubbish removal Perth company. Keep in mind there could be extra charges if you go over the weight allowance. You can ask to separate the heavy products throughout various containers to distribute the weight.

Do maximise your skip bin space

Make the most of your skip bin by utilising every spare bit of space. Place heavier things at the bottom, break down or take apart furniture prior to filling it and make use of all the space in between by fitting in all the smaller items.

Do keep an eye on your skip bin

Your neighbours or passers by will often just use your paid for skip bin to throw away their own rubbish.

Do not put any type of undeclared or forbidden waste in your skip bins

This includes: fluids, oils, chemicals, paint, gas cylindrical tubes, empty chemical containers, batteries, explosives, as well as other harmful products. If you believe your rubbish includes asbestos, discuss this with your carrier, so they can help you get rid of them appropriately.

Do not blend types of wastes in a single container

Adhere to the waste type categories and do not mix different types of waste or your bin may not be collected and you may have to pay extra.

Do not over load your skip bin

Do not fill your skip bin above the rim. This makes your bin hazardous for transportation. It is additionally illegal to carry containers that are over filled, and will put the vehicle driver at risk. If your bin is overfilled the company is likely to ask you to remove items so it can be transported securely.

Cheap Skip Bins in Perth

Now you know the basics of filling a skip bin, you can choose a reputable company for when you next hire skip bin in Perth. Of course you will have to look at things skip bin Perth prices but one of the best in the business is Coastal Waste Management.

They can help you with all your rubbish removal needs and are happy to advice and answer your questions including how much is it to hire a skip bin in Perth and what to look out for to ensure you’re not going to be charged with hidden costs.

They have a completely transparent service and offer highly competitive rates, which you are advised on in your obligation-free quote.

With a huge range of skip bin sizes to choose from, and bins suitable for both residential, commercial and industrial use, Coastal Waste skip bin hire provides a convenient and versatile solution to your rubbish removal and waste management needs.