Tips on How to Treat Old Photographs

It is always nice to recall the sweet old memories by seeing the old photographs. Indeed, we never realize how precious things or events are until it all becomes memories. It feels the same when you find the old photographs damaged after ignoring it for years. But no worries, you can restore all before it’s getting worse. Don’t let your memories fade away just because of a damaged photograph. All you need to do is to find out the best way to save it and we have the tips! Bear in mind that experts at Scan Ur Pics are always ready to help visit their site to learn more about them, click here. But it’s not a bad idea either to give it a try first. Let’s jump on the tips on how to treat your old family photographs. 

What is a photograph actually?

According to the National Archives of Australia, a photograph is the creation of light on the photosensitive paper or plastic substrate, which is created by silver particles of gelatin emulsion layer for black and white photo and organic dye layers for a colour photo.

Photographs are very susceptible to any types of damage which can affect the image itself and also the support layer of it. Several primary causes that lead to damaging are poor processing, pollutants, dirt and how it has stored.

Restoring Old Photographs Manually 

1       Clean Your Photographs. 

After years storing the photograph, dirt and residue can build upon it. You need to wear rubber gloves and use a soft brush to clean them. If the dirt is already widespread and sticky, rinse it with lukewarm water and wipe the dirt gently with your hand. Hang them on a wire using small clips in a dark room. Another way to dry it up is to put it on the soft towel and make sure the image is face-up. 

If the photographs turn into another colour such as yellow, red or even white after the cleaning, you surely need the help of experts. Image scanning service Perth can help you to restore your old photographs.

2      Separate the Stuck Photographs

Instead of pulling the photographs to separate it, better try to soak it in the distilled water first. As we know that photographs are layered with gelatin, putting the photograph inside the distilled water will make it soft. Thus, you can easily separate the stuck photographs without damaging the image.

Place the container with the distilled water in a room temperature area and place the photographs upward in the water. Wait around 30 minutes, then try to separate them gently with your fingers or rubber spatula. Dry it on the soft towel and hold the sides with books to prevent it from curling when it dry.

3     Separate the Photograph that Stuck to Glass

When a photograph is displayed in the glass frame for a long time, it can be stuck to the glass. You can use the heat from the hairdryer to separate it from the glass. Place the hairdryer 5 inches away from the back and heat it for a few minutes. Then, you can try gently peeling the photograph from the corner. However, it is advised to hand this case to the image scanning service Perth first, since the worst case of this attempt may break the image.

4     Fix the Torn Photographs

As acidic adhesive can harm the photograph over time, you need to repair the torn photograph with an acid-free adhesive. Cut the acid-free tape and apply it along the back part of the torn photograph. If the photograph is torn apart in several pieces, you may use acid-free glue and apply it with a cotton swab. Then place the photograph face down on cotton fabric or towel and put a small book on it to prevent it from curling.


That’s all the tips you can try at home to restore your old photographs. However, if the photograph is massively damaged and fragile, consider getting a professional restored by the experts. Image scanning service Perth can help you to restore the photographs that have been exposed under the sunlight or damaged by water. Contact the professional of Scan Ur Pics to get a suitable restoration and photo scanning for your old photographs.