Tips To Help Homeowners Organize The Closet

Closet organization is often a challenging task since it’s easier to close the door and avoid the clutter on the other side. However, once you’ve created a system of orderliness in each of your closets, you’ll find it easier to maintain a tidy storage space.

When beginning the organizing process, you should remove all of your currently stored items from the closet. You can also plan a layout and create a sketch to depict the areas in which you’ll be placing your closet storage items. With a plan, you’ll be able to purchase containers in the correct sizes while choosing the proper boxes and bins to utilize all of the available space you have in your closets.

Once you’ve decided to organize a closet, you’ll need to measure the space. Be sure to measure the height, width and depth of your closet. You’ll also need to select the best door for your closet with options that include pocket, sliding or classic doors. If your closet is small, then you may consider making it larger by taking space from other areas like a spare room or a hallway.

With graph paper, outline several hanging rods. You’ll need rods for pieces such as coats and jackets. You’ll also need several rods for clothing items as you’ll want to separate articles such as your dress clothes from your casual styles. Be sure to sketch areas for shelves, dressers and hooks. If you have storage items that you rarely use, then plan to place these articles on the top shelf. You may purchase boxes and bins in fun colors or patterns for your top shelf storage.

When you have heavy items that must be stored in your closet, you should place them on the floor. For interior closet covering, consider vinyl wallpaper or durable bead board paneling, which is a recommended material for canned food, gardening materials and sports equipment.

A closet organization system will help you add specific areas for storage. For example, a shelving unit or cabinet with a fine wood finish will dress up the interior of a master bedroom closet. When you are organizing a child’s closet, you may consider adding metal shelving and labeled plastic bins for storing toys, games and books. Bins will also make it easier for your children to find their toys and pick them back up.

If you are organizing a basement closet, then you can use basic 2-inch-by-4-inch boards along with ½-inch-thick plywood for the shelves. With basic shelving, you can feel comfortable storing unstable items like paint or outdoor chemicals.

When you are organizing closets in the main living areas of your home, you may consider painting the closet walls bright colors or adding mirrors if the space you’re organizing is a dressing area. You may also add recessed lighting for a brightly lit space that will blend into the ceiling. You should be selective when choosing a bin color as neutral shades will create a clean style.

A few tips will help you store items properly. For example, when you are storing footwear, be sure to wipe your shoes down and stuff tissue inside to help maintain your shoe’s shape. Consider lining the leg of your boots with cardboard, which will make your boots last longer.

With closets, you’ll want to use all of your available space. Therefore, install hooks on the inside of your closet door where you can hang bathrobes, scarves and laundry bags. You can fold clothing items like sweaters, swimwear and workout clothes, which can be stored inside canvas bins for an orderly appearance.

You will also want to invest in wooden hangers and garment bags for delicate clothing items. You should also use padded hangers for slippery silk items as they can become damaged from moving around inside drawers.

You’ll find a sense of accomplishment after you’ve organized your closet. You’ll also be able to find the items that you need when you need them.