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Tips & Tricks for Wall Mounting a Flat Panel TV

Does your flat screen TV currently sit atop your favorite antique? Or perhaps you are looking to “clean up” the look of your living room. Use these “tips” to find the best way to wall mount a flat panel TV for your family.


Ask yourself some simple “planning” questions!

A. Do I want my TV to swing out from the wall, or mounted flat against the wall?

B. Have I asked my local home entertainment store what they charge for an in-home installation?

C. Where on the wall is best suited for viewing?

D. Do I want to see all of those cables and power cords exposed where my guests can see them or do I want them hidden?

E. Where am I going to put the cable box, DVD player, stereo, computer, or other devices that typically connect to my flat screen?

F. Do I want this project completed in time for the big game this weekend?


If you have a general sense of what you are looking for, then you’re in a great spot! Taking a trip to visit your local home entertainment store is a great way to see what other Audio/Video technicians recommend. Most stores have nice sales people who don’t work on commission and are eager to help. The following are a few things you can discover just by visiting the store.

A. Will my family and friends feel more comfortable with a flat screen which is mounted at eye-level from a seated position on our couch at home, or higher up?

B. If I’m planning on hiding the cables from view should I cover them with paneling, or prepare to drill and embed them?

C. After looking at a professional installation does this project feel like it is out of my league or am I ready to get a friend and mount my TV?


All wall mounting kits come with their own bolts and installation instructions. Additionally, there are a few tools which will come in handy.

A. Wireless drill with various sizes of allen wrench bits or a socket bit

B. A metric and/or US socket set

C. Laser level & tape measure

D. Some extra blankets or foam if you need to lay the flat screen down

E. Spackle & touch up paint

Note: Most “Stud Finders” are not accurate; confusing screws in the drywall or metal framing for a wooden stud.


If you have spent hard-earned money on a nice High Definition (HD) flat screen television, then you know it is something that can NOT be dropped. Get a friend to help out.


If you have drywall in your entertainment room, the old fashioned way to locate your wood support beams is to take a tiny drillbit and sink it into the wall every couple of inches until you locate a wood beam. These tiny holes can later be filled with spackle and painted. Once the support is located, you’ll be able to find the other beams as most homes have them set at every 16″ inches apart. Review the mounting unit instructions and position it on the wall in the general area where the holes and your wood beams “line up.”

Instructions for mounting are generally clear to a seasoned “Do-It-Yourself” homemaker. We’re certain your wall-mounted flat screen TV will be the hit at your next party!