Trying to Find Time to Clean in This Overbooked World

There are always too many things to accomplish in any given 24 hour period. Finding a balance for what we need and want to do is a real juggling act. Many people rise to the occasion of meeting personal goals and expectations with regularity while others reduce the pressures and do what they can, by cutting corners, and leaving the rest to professionals and hired help. With either path chosen, most busy individuals find a method to hold down a full time job, raise a family, have a little time for recreation, and manage to keep their home running in good working order.

The smooth back and forth flow of meetings, home maintenance, and family meals can leave one feeling like a performer in a balancing act, much like a juggler. Knowing what needs first hand attention; tasks can be delegated to other family members, or hired help to meet the goals of everyday life. Setting limits on extra curricular activities for each family member is a necessity. Too many after school or work activities can separate the family structure and leave no time for the much needed nurturing between parents and children. Choices need to be made by everyone in order to keep the importance in the right areas. Family time should come first at least until the children leave the nest and move on to their next phase in life.

Providing nutritious meals is an important facet for growing families. The offer of hiring a personal chef is being viewed as a new means of providing hot, home cooked meals without feasting on fast food dinners. These chefs prepare meals in their clients’ homes and leave packaged entrees and side dishes for family meals that only need to be reheated. The kitchen is left in a clean and orderly condition; waiting for the home’s hungry residents.

Slow cookers are a great time saving alternative to fast food dining. A complete meal slow cooking throughout the day, enables weary individuals to enter their kitchen and enjoy a hot meal without giving much personal time and effort; just a little pre-planning. Another option for busy families is designating time for meal preparation on weekends. Many moms and dads take a few hours on a weekend afternoon to prepare several meals for the busy week ahead. These meals can be stored in the freezer or refrigerator until being heated for serving. Preparing healthy snacks and prewashing vegetables are also great time savers.

Designating different family members for chores is a great way to share the work responsibilities. Lawn maintenance can be delegated to those old enough and strong enough to tackle the outside jobs. Leaf blowing is a time consuming routine job during the fall for many yards with beautiful leaf bearing trees; such as the mighty oaks. If the budget permits, time consuming yard maintenance is a wise choice for handing over to the professionals. The high powered lawn equipment makes this daunting yard task an easy job that can be accomplished in a short amount of time. Budget for pool and lawn maintenance help if possible, and free up that time on weekends for smaller tasks.

Routine house cleaning issues can be taken care in small increments when time is managed properly. Starting a load of laundry before work that can be folded and put away when returning later that day, is a simple time saving method. A small kitchen cleaning task can be accomplished with a few extra minutes each night after dinner and dishes. Children can be engaged by helping to straighten the pantry and checking expiration dates on food items. Keeping a clean home with a busy schedule can be accomplished by sharing the responsibilities.