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What TV Mount Is The Right One For Your Home?

Having a wall mount installed in the home is a wonderful way to get more use out of your TV, plus free up floor space. In fact, entertainment centers and TV stands are quickly becoming things of the past, as families look toward television mounts that are practical, stylish and simple. When choosing which mount is right for your home, there are several factors to consider such as where you’ll be placing the TV, how large the TV is and what angles you prefer.

There are three basic types of wall mounts: Low profile, tilt and swivel mounts. Low profile mounts are the most basic types of TV mounts and keep the flat screen closely mounted to the wall. The TV essentially lies flush against the wall, which looks clean and simple as you approach the TV from all angles. These mounts are also the most affordable and easiest to install. The only downside is that they are limited in terms of positioning the TV, as the mount can’t tilt or swivel.

The second option is a tilting mount that is similar to a low profile mount, except that it can tilt the TV up, down and to the sides. These mounts will stick out more from the back of the TV, as they need to position the flat screen properly. If you have a layout where you need the TV angled however, a tilting mount is the way to go. These mounts are also affordable and can be easily installed.

Your third option is a swivel mount, which can swivel the TV 360-degrees and back again. Because these mounts have a swivel arm, they stick out the farthest from the wall. These mounts are the most expensive and difficult to install, but they allow for the most options and enable TVs to be placed just about anywhere you want them to be.

When determining which mount is right for your home, consider where you want to mount the TV, what the weight of your flat screen is and what features you plan to enjoy. For example, if you want to be able to watch TV in the family room and the kitchen, a swivel mount would allow you to do this. If you’ll be watching TV in bed from the same angle, a low profile mount is adequate. A tilting mount won’t give you as much range, but is perfect for angle adjustments and blocking out glares.

Also be sure that the mount you choose is compatible with your TV. Today’s mounts are universal for the most part, meaning that they can fit all TVs, providing they’re within the weight limitation. Yet there are other mounts that are designed only for certain brands of TVs and won’t properly hold just any flat screen. You’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, as you want to protect your TV and ensure that it will properly stay mounted to the wall.

In terms of price, you’ll find that the TV mounts range from affordable to expensive. You can find standard low profile mounts for as little as $30, while some swivel mounts cost several hundred dollars. As long as you follow the weight recommendations, there’s no need to shell out hundreds of dollars, unless you want the features that come with the mount. Aiming for a middle-of-the-road TV mount is generally best, as you’ll be investing in a quality mount that will do the job. Plus, you won’t actually have to see the mount, so you can be flexible when it comes to aesthetics.